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Im from Aotearoa, or what the English-speaking world calls New Zealand. We're an independent small country to the East of Australia. We're western and first world.

 Were 85% British Isles origin down here, who mainly arrived here in the 1800s. But I myself belong to the other 15% who's ancestors arrived here from the Cook Islands in the 1200s. We call ourselves Maori. We speak both English, as well as our own form of Pacific Island language. My culture now lives in western houses, wears western clothes, listens to westerrn music and achieve in western education.

However, we still prefer to keep to our own Hawaiian-type, Native American-type values rather than British Isle values.

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Intimacy as things go, I’ll always only ever gonna be into guys. Its all in the face too. If a guy has a nice look on his dial I don’t even care what he has dangling between his legs. If he’s got a nice smile I’ll play with anything that spring out from his hips ... and I’ll have fun with it too. I’m not too good with giving or it getting anally. But I’ll perv, fondle and suck, before we bust a nut or 2 or 3 together and then fall asleep together tangled in each’s bodies. I don’t care if the rest of the world defines climaxing as occurring during orgasm. For me climaxing occurs when I’m spent and asleep in the arms of a warm bloke ...

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11 months ago

I love dump and dirty hole play and want to see blumpkin videos. Id love to feel a man inside my dirty hole. 

7 years ago

love dump too yahoo im is dabitch61021 

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