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"I'm from the city in the Midwest, best city in the whole wide, wide world..."

I don't smoke tobacco, I smoke Mary Jane,  I was born in Jamaica. I've been settling down with smoking as of late. I'm an English major which I plan to use to  write someday or direct film. I love music, I'm heavily involved in it. I play Drums, Trombone, Piano, and guitar. I've been dippin into the rap shit but nothing too serious at the moment. Love every genre of music especially reggae and rap but not too much country. I love to fuck, soft and hard, gotta have both. All you sexy women get at me for a life changing expeirience ya' heard me!?


I believe that exercising the mind in itself expands it's own copacity,

Turn Ons

Nice, big eyes, a tight body kept in good shape. A personallity, you have to be able to keep a conversation with me because my mind is always thinking of multiple things at once. A sense of humor: I'm always saying rediculous shit. And someone who likes me for the pimp that I am.

Turn Offs

Stupidity. Clothes that are too small for you're size. You look good in the shit that fits, sexy in your own way. Fake women, stuck up women, judgemental women.


I have a collection of over 600 movies but my favorites have to be: Pulp Fiction, The Warriors, Eyes Wide shut, and Probably Fight Club. At this point I've seen so many that I forget what my favorites are.


Drums, Reading, Writing, Writing music, listening to music, Movies, and sex, that's more of an activity though,


Bone Thugs, Nas, Dre, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, I don't even need to go on. Real hip hop shit, none of that weak ass shit. And everything else, ask and I'll probably like it.


1984, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Dubliners, Seven Types of Ambiguity, The Road

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8 years ago
I Love Rosie Paige
5 years ago
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Anal Fun
7 years ago
Jamaican Hot Fuck
6 years ago
strip tease
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6 years ago

Pulp Fiction and Fight Club are in my top ten! w00t! But I think they're in everyone's top ten.. haha.. (=

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