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I'll blow your friggen mind!

So I'm white and in a great relationship started this because we love porn! :D then again who doesn't! I don't have too many pictures up because well I'm fat lol people say "oh no you're not you're just a little chunky and that's hot" but nah I'm fat lol

Turn Ons

Big boobs, BBW's to an extent some are just really discusting, white girls, good tasting pussy, female ejaculation :D anal sex :D BIG BOOBS :D boob fucking and sucking. And I've just recently been told by my lover that I have an oral fixation hehe

Turn Offs

chicks of color no offence but you just don't appeal to me




I'm a chronic mastubation person :D I do it everywhere no joke got kicked out of school for being hard in front of a teacher said it was over exposure :D that was after the teacher stared she liked it though stupid lady but yeah go masturbation! Fingering my girlfriend :D Fucking my girlfriend :D eating my girlfriend :D talking dirty over the phone with my girlfriend :D talking about who we want for our next threesome with my girlfriend ;D


Rammstein! It's great to fuck to try it some time :D or really dirty trance/dance music hehe


I love all books :D

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7 years ago

Hahahaha. Well, I'm trying to get one up but it isn't being very nice.

7 years ago

Hi supaoral.. Never seen you around here.. hmmm

Anyways, nice to meet you =)

Great Picture! Who says ur fat.. ur not my cute boy haha

8 years ago

There's no reason to be depressed.  I think you can do without girls who don't like your size.  There really aren't all that many who are concerned about this (despite what you may have heard) and if they are, they are the ones missing out, not you.  It is said that something around 4" is ideal to tough the g-spot just right.  Much more than that might miss it and really big can be painful which I don't think is what anyone really wants from sex.

8 years ago

its not just girls/women, lookin at these adult clips have ppl livin in fantasy land...just like every day guys aint built like models, the every day dick aint as big as a pornstar's...Whether I'm with a guy or girl, my dick ALWAYS satisfies me!

8 years ago

It is depressing.  But, if I can't fuck it, I will eat it.

8 years ago

If ur 6 inches, its all dependent of ur age, by the time ur in colledge ull have a Moby dick LOL that every1 will admire.

8 years ago

They don't know what they're missing. I'm undersized, but that's because of my stature. Of course, i've never heard my girlfriend complain with sex, oral or penetration.

 She's also trained me well though :(

Kudos dude, keep looking i'm sure you'll find a good one.

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7 years ago