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Be proud of your porn!

I"m just some guy, looking at your porn. I like seeing people"s Favorites, and also what they upload.

I think XTube amateur porn is the best porn there can be, just because there"s so many kinds of people here, getting off in so many ways.

Turn Ons


My boyfriend, and his perfect dick, my perfect dick, and what they do together.


Good cooks. FEED ME.


And... did I mention precum? The taste and texture of it, my GOD. My dream: I wish I could just buy it at the store by the gallon. I"d just drink it all fucking day.

Turn Offs

ppl who thnk the intrnt is lk txt msging frm 1998 lol n dnt kno where thr shift key is r evn how 2 type w commas n periods lol lol.

The unforgivable: country music, dumb tattoos, and anime

It makes me just *sad* when people are taping themselves doing amazing, beautiful, hot things, but the cam/video resolution makes it all a blur! :(


[...and TV,etc.] It"s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Venture Brothers, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Louie (and Lucky Louie)... and, going back a ways: The Office (UK), Invader Zim, Arrested Development... And I"ll geek out and admit it: (the new, 2000+) Dr Who. Farscape.

Weird crap on Youtube nobody else has found yet.

Movies: Moon, Shelter, Beautiful Thing [getting mushy for a sec there], Rejected, The Unheard Music, No Maps For These Territories, Blade Runner.


Using Facebook but grinding my teeth about it

Too much irc/aim/icq-ing

Watching all the great stuff on XTube

And generally avoiding work (where I get bruised and raeped by Windows, regedit, and MSIE)


70s Bowie, Eno, Grieg, 80s Tom Waits, X, Cake


A Massive Swelling, Invisible Cities, Schismatrix, Heavy Weather, and more recent William Gibson.

[Sites that might as well be books:] Jerkcity, Leisuretown, Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Whatever fell under my bed last night.

Whatever is in that heap of "should read!, mostly new" stuff next to my bed, or in my Kindle.

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1 year ago

Looks like 1990s hair and glasses are back... WORKS FOR ME!

1 year ago

I wish I had low-hanging balls!

They're not so tight that they're a problem like for some guys-- I just want some swing.
My boyfriend has huge low-hangers and they're glorious.
I'm checking out ball-stretching instructions all over the web.  So many possibilities, but each one with some or other problem (cost, material, not knowing the right sizing or weight to start with, etc.) )

1 year ago


1 year ago

Here's more from the guy, Alphajerek, who mode what I described (below) as the best video on Youtube:

He's posting new videos, and I can't wait to see more.

2 years ago

I don't say this often, but: I think I might have found the best video on XTube:

2 years ago

This kinda dude:
can wear those thick black glasses and look damn good.  Somehow it fits in with being all tatted up, having those piercings, having dark short/slicked hair.  I've seen it with tattoo artists I know, and it just plain works.

But if *I* would put on those glasses?  I would look I'd have Down's syndrome.  Style is a bitch.

2 years ago

Good news with the Prince Albert: it's now six months since I got it, and I'm at the point where I can take jewelry out, leave it out for a *while* (more than a minute, less than an hour), and put jewelry back in without it hurting like a bitch and slowing down further healing.

In exciting metal fashion news— I’ve been wearing a 1” curved barbell for the past few months.  That's a big long barbell, big 3/8″ bead.  Only 8 gauge thick, but I think that that's still substantial, and looks alright.

I’ve got a pretty damned good PA now!

It looks like this, pretty much— my beads are smaller, and there's more slack on the barbell, so you can see that it's not just a bead here and a bead there— you can see that the beads are on a “)” shaped thing that goes thru one hole and out the other.

Bad news: it has taken me SIX MONTHS!  So I think that, all things considered, I shouldn’t have gotten this PA.

But “all things” included lots of little bits of bad luck adding together badly.

My dick is basically okay *now*, so there’s no real point in stopping wearing jewelry in it — the hard part (haaaaah!) is over and done with, nevermind that it took so long.

If you had told be that a normal PA heals in under two weeks, BUT puts your dick OUT OF COMMISSION for two months at least, I would have said: no, that's WAY too long for me not being able to jack off, screw, or get blown.
Why?  Because to jack off, screw, or get blown, *I* have to take the jewelry out.  That’s just how I work.

And you can't go taking jewelry in and out until the piercing has healed, and healed some more, and then some more.

And if you’d told me that that would take maybe *twice* as long for *me*, no way in hell would I have gotten this done.  But like I say: it has been a whole lot of little bits of unlikely and unforeseeable bad luck peculiar to *me* which added up to cause this— and it’s all in the past now anyway.

So: I’ve got a pretty damned good PA now!

2 years ago

My notes about getting a Prince Albert!  Entry 3.

When I was asking, in person, about other people having a Prince Albert,... well, I only *knew* one guy that I knew had one-- I went into a tattoo place asking about piercings, and the one man working there, said he had one.  He didn’t exactly talk it up, but didn’t say he regretted it, or try to talk me out of getting it (or into getting it), or grab me and say “boy, you BETTER be ready to COMMIT!!”,... or anything.  He had a sort of take-it-or-leave-it attitude -- and THAT is the most puzzling reaction I’ve found so far.

He mentioned that in a previous marriage, his wife didn’t want him to wear it. During sex, that is.  And I said “well you coulda worn it around, but taken it out just for sex” and he said “yeah, true, but that sorta kills the spontaneity.”

I can’t relate to that.  You’re taking off your clothes, so what’s one more step of taking out your PA ring?  Or maybe he was one of those guys who sleeps naked and wakes up with morning wood and says “Hop on, let’s screw!”, at which point the number of steps goes from zero steps (stick it in!), to one step (“hold on while I wake up completely, and carefully take this out”... and *then* stick it in!). Maybe his kind of spontaneity is the kind where you wake up and you’re already fucking!  I think that would be cool, but it’s not how I work, so, no problem.

And the guy said that once he and she broke up, he started wearing it again... So he must *like* it, or he would have just stayed with the habit of not wearing it.

I asked if it felt different when you jack off, and he said well, it’s *different*.  Again, had a ho-hum voice.

And he didn’t have a whole lot of other piercings, so it wasn’t like “oh, I have so many piercings, I barely even notice the Prince Albert!”

Oh, when I said *nobody* on the net regretted getting a PA, I *DID* find a grand total of two guys who actually regretted it.

+ One was a guy who was *really* annoyed that he couldn’t pee straight anymore, “PA should stand for Piss All over the place!”, and that this was such a big and annoying problem for him, and the hole doesn’t close up, that he said he wished he had never gotten pierced.  But I don’t have any trouble peeing straight!

+ The other was a guy where he and the piercer did the thing with putting a marker-dot where they both agreed the piercing should be, but then the piercer (deliberately, he wondered?) did it way off the mark because she thought it’d just look better that there... but not really!  Needless to say, I avoided this problem completely by going to some highly recommended piercers here in the city.

2 years ago

My notes about getting a Prince Albert!  Entry 2.

Well, I have a huge dick -- and I'm a grower, not a “show-er” -- so when the piercer was putting the dot on where we agreed the piercing hole should be, and when she was figuring on what size ring to use, she didn’t know that the head of my dick just turns huge.  So she thought a normal 5/8” captive-bead ring (at a nice 8g) would be okay for the placement of the piercing.  But that turned out to be too small -- when I woke up the next day with morning wood, the ring was taut... it wasn’t awful, but it was like “okay, time for a new size,” and I called her, and she said I guess you sure are really a grower!, come back in and we’ll swap you in something larger.  She stepped up from the 5/8” ring to the largest thing she had around at that gage: she put in a 3/4” 8g barbell (with big 1/4” beads).  But even that’s just barely okay, so she has ordered a 1” 8g.  (She already has barbells longer than what she gave me, but they were all much thicker gage.)

It’s healing okay, except that the bead is always totally up against the piercing hole (unless I deliberately pull it away), which means that the flesh there never really dries out to become part of the normal skin.  And when I get a serious hard on, the other bead tries really really hard to pop into my urethra, which usually isn’t in the mood.  The tip of my dick is getting a little irritated from all this ACTION.
I’ll be real happy when I get something with generous slack for a change.

I want to end up with a nice ring -- it’ll just have to be a real big diameter (for this gage) because of how much my dick grows when I get hard (and I don't want to gage up for the sole purpose of getting correct-diameter rings!)

I have the original Captive-Bead Ring, which is (and always will be) too small for me -- so I put it in the hole on my jacket’s big zipper-slider (which itself is shiny metal too).  If you didn’t know what a CBR looked like, you’d just think it’s part of the slider.  I wonder if anyone who *does* know what a CBR looks like, will notice and ask why I’m wearing one there, and I can tell them that I got it for my Prince Albert but I outgrew it instantly, because I have a *monster dong* and thank you for asking!

2 years ago

My notes about getting a Prince Albert!  Entry 1.

I took a leap, while I was at a courageous point in the mental back-and-forth of “should I?” and “that’s crazy!”... and I went and got a Prince Albert!  Afternoon of March 21, 2012- four weeks ago as I’m writing this.” file of mine from 2009, and I know that that wasn’t from the beginning of it!)

I couldn’t find *anybody* who said they regretting getting a Prince Albert.
And I saw lots and lots of “My only regret is that I waited -- I first started thinking about it ages ago, but didn’t get it until last year.”
I didn’t know what exact part about having a PA everyone was gladdest about: They just like the look of it? Extra pleasure during sex? Extra pleasure when you’re jacking off? It giving you a neat rub all the time as you’re walking around and can feel the ring’s movement on your dick? Having something to *show off*? Having a  little supersecret in your pants which nobody would suspect that you have, especially if you don't look like the "he has piercings" type? Or maybe having one person who knows, who tells other people and they can't believe it -- and this turns into people *gossiping* about your dick, which is a neat idea *on top* of the occasional rumor that you are huge.

There’s the idea of “And just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you have to, too!”.
But this was: “everyone is” doing it, and even when they had it done decades ago, they still love it!

So I figured: if all these guys, in totally separate forums and sites etc, are all in agreement that getting a PA was great in some way or other, then I’ll just.... take their word for it! and get it done.

I even saw some videos here where I could /kinda/ tell that a guy had a little prince Albert hole but wasn’t wearing anything in it, and I asked him and they said oh yeah, he loved having the PA but just fell out of the habit of *always* wearing, but he still puts it in a often and likes it when he does (and: no regrets).

General agreement among everyone: that hole will never *really* go away.  It shrinks, but it doesn’t shrink to nothing, like an earring hole does.  But that guy who has the little PA hole, wears some respectable gage jewelry in it, in some other pics he pointed me to.

I haven't had any trouble peeing basically as straight as before; I simply got the hang of sort of turning my cock head upside down-- I'm already practically sideways (when I'm all soft).  I don't recall having trouble about peeing with a hard-on either.

3 years ago

I like your profile and the comments that you make. The world needs more people like you.

3 years ago

Lol thanks for the comment! You can stare at my dick all you want!

3 years ago

Maybe "General Comments" here are what really-blog articles are elsewhere-- whereas "blogs" here at xtube are more like a twittery-scrolly-screen of LET'S HOOK UP.   A twittery-scrolly-screen of LET'S HOOK UP is cool, but it being called a "blog" is a peculiarity of xtube that took some figuring out.  I AM NOW WISE.  Thank you, hold your applause.

3 years ago

mmm, very hot and good information. i think ill try something! thank you! :P

3 years ago

Thanks for your comment on my slide. Have send a friend invite. Hope to see you more. Greetz Odin/

3 years ago

Beat some egg white (only a few strokes so that it doesn't really become stiff) and add some water and gelatine. It's quite tasteless so you can add some sugar or salt or even vinegar depending on your preferred style :)

3 years ago

There sure is :) Lots of neat stuff in there too :) 

3 years ago

Thanks very much for adding my vid as a favourite - it's nice to be appreciated ;)

3 years ago

I've noticed that as well. I'm not even sure why the blogs came to be used in such a way. Maybe because it's more likely to be seen, without having to navigate the forums or the location section. You have the right idea. I think some people look at the personal blogs. There are links on your profile page, so anyone who wants to learn more about you has the blogs available.

3 years ago

Thanks, @staringperson.  I've just started using the "blogs" feature on here, but it's called "blogs" but it looks like people are just using it like Twitter with one sentence "HEY, CAM ME" messages.  So I'm a bit confused whether anyone reads these, like as actual blogs

3 years ago

Smart way to go.

3 years ago

Thank you for the appreciative comment about the photo of my testicles. In that picture, my balls are actually holding about a 12-day load of accumulated semen. But you can't tell, can you?

3 years ago

your comment just made me smile!    thanks for taking the time to post a comment my friend!


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