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Love me.

Hey, been kicking around here for a while and realized I"d never set this profile up.

First off, I"m a fur, but I"m not the sort who"s obnoxious about it. I attend conventions, I collect the artwork, I write erotica in the genre, but I don"t talk about it 24/7 unless around other furs. For those of you here that are furs too, check me out on FA under the username "skylorforscythe".

Beyond that, I enjoy a variety of different hobbies, which I"ll list below, but talk classic cars or computers with me and you"re golden.

I"m bisexual with a heavy preference towards women. It"s very rare that a guy comes along that I find attractive, and rarer still one that I"d want to fuck.

Generally, I"m just looking to have some fun. If you"re in the area and can deal with the above, shoot me a comment below and we"ll hang here or in the real world.

Turn Ons

Women, bondage(light to heavy), surprises, watching as my partner rides, if trust isn"t an issue health wise bareback fun, fingering my partner until they cry out my name, leaving a partner with difficulty catching their breath afterward, watching my partner play solo, threesomes(MFF, MMF), group sex, gangbangs, bukkake, oral(giving and receiving).

Turn Offs

Scat, watersports, AB, gross people, chubby or muscular guys.


A Clockwork Orange

Last Man On Earth

The Day The Earth Stood Still


The Avengers (Both remake of the BBC show AND the superhero flick)


Auto restoration, carpentry, computer building and repair, hiking


Blue Oyster Cult


The Who

Metallica before Reload

Black Sabbath

Rob Zombie

White Zombie


World War Z

Starship Troopers

Anything written by Poe

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