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Just here to enjoy myself...

I’m single but my love life has taken a turn for the worst since school – I’ve dated every nasty little bitch out there and I’ve had enough to be honest. I’ve joined Xtube to have a laugh and have a bit of an outlet for my sexual energy! Lol!

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Emo girls and cheerleaders…thinking about it now, my biggest fantasy is an Emo girl in a cheerleader outfit…mmmm  Love a girl to tease and flash me too, something about that really gets me going!   Oh, and confidence is a huge turn on…a sexy confidant smile ;)


Monty Python films - Life of Brian and Holy Grail, Fight Club, Ghost in the Shell (love the TV series too)...if I think of any more I'll make a note later...

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4 years ago
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6 years ago
Ass Worshippers?
6 years ago
Ridin' My Dildo
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Some alone fun
8 years ago
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7 years ago
Lonely Anal part 2
7 years ago
Cause I DID
6 years ago
lollipop baybee
7 years ago
From Behind
7 years ago

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