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I am 5'8' brown hair green eyes 85kg looking for fun times or discreet times as i dont have time for commitment due to my job. professionally employed. looking for local adelaide poeple who want some fun, a laugh and a bottle of nice wine. ill try anything once and most things twice just incase i wasnt sure.

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1 months ago
december 2014 v2.0
2 months ago
parteme el culo
1 week ago
7 days ago
cojiendo jovencit..
10 months ago
Chakalito tecamac
4 weeks ago
2 months ago
Athletic Swimmer
3 years ago
video 3 rica bota..
1 months ago
video 38
4 months ago

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2 years ago

thanx for the add

2 years ago

just read all your "fan letters" and "love mail" here on your profile. Your comment on my vid makes perfect sense now. I think I'll just go ahead and block you so I dont have to deal with you again. You're obviously a clueless loser

3 years ago

A complete douchebag with no vids of his own. Get a life.

5 years ago see by your other coments on various pages, that you are here to belittle, critisize, and hide in the shadows all the while spinning venom and hate to cause bad feelings with your opinions. You should keep in mind that opinions are like assholes everybody has one.


Cole Maverick

5 years ago

HAHA! i WAS goin to say sorry for your "seasickness"..... but now that i see your other comments im thinking i hope you get sick everytime u watch my vids... feel free to not watch my vids and not leave me comments... have a horrible day man, im sure u love those 

5 years ago

You know Simone I looked at the last 6 comments you left about member's videos and overall you are just being a critical DICK and giving "technical" advice where it is NOT WANTED.  Do you honestly think people want to read your nasty comments especially when you yourself have no posted content.  The answer is we don't.

Do us all a favor here on xtube and keep your instructions to YOURSELF, we don't want to read em-period. You are just being a jerk, it is so unnecessary and your criticisms do nothing except make people angry. 

Now please STFU and go back under the bridge you waddled out from.   


5 years ago

Hey loser - our camera was NOT on the bed.  It was on a tripod next to the bed that was obviously a tad to close.  Sooooooo how about you just shut the fuck up and save your dumb ass comments.

Or better yet how about your grow a fucking pair and post your own videos you UGLY troll.

It's always the losers with no pics and no videos that complain the most about those who do. 

5 years ago

wow I see u have a pattern... your an ungly person... u should probably kill yourself.

6 years ago were fucking its not easy to fuck and film

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