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I love to chat with people and connect. Everything else is a bonus. I"m really not that shy at all, but it sounded like a good name to use and, frankly, it allowed me to avoid using a number at the end of my name. :)

Turn Ons

Cuddly, friendly, loving, sweet, intelligent people. Open-mindedness is important.

Turn Offs

Skin and bones, closed-minded people.


I"m a big Tarantino fan. Also, I know this isn"t a movie, but I love Invader Zim and am currently watching Downton Abbey.


I"ve worked with computers for ages, and love to chat on-line. Photography is a specialty as well, which is ironic, because as I type this, I don"t have even a profile picture posted. I hope to change that soon. I enjoy learning about psychology and people. I know XTube might seem like an odd place to meet people, but the real people (not spam accounts) on here seem to be more interesting, and fun to talk to.


I love all music, unless it"s clearly bad. Bad music is not a subjective thing. If it makes most people cringe, it"s probably bad. Otherwise, let me listen!


I read so much, all the time, it"s hard to narrow it down — but I enjoy self-help books, science fiction, fantasy. I"ve read the Harry Potter series a few times, am into Philip K. Dick short stories and novels, have probably read all of Asimov"s works, and also enjoy Terry Pratchett. I have a Goodreads account, which I"d share with you, if you seem friendly and safe enough. :)

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Top Comment #1 by: cupcakefrosting
2 years ago

Why hello there. Nice profile! ;-)

Top Comment #2 by: FabulousAndThick
2 years ago

thanks for the add :)



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1 month ago

Yes please <3

4 months ago

Where have you been?

8 months ago

Thanks for the add! Hope you're enjoying our videos!
Check out our stories too!

1 year ago

oh how i missed you
lost my last account and have been looking for you <3

2 years ago

Why hello there. Nice profile! ;-)

2 years ago

thanks for the add :)


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