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Well were do i start lol. Well my name is Scott Harris and i was born in Hereford, my Mum and Dad split up wen i was about four, then from then intell i was 12 i was living in Edinburgh with my dad cause my mum moved away to America to be with my auntie uncle and cuzuns. Wen i was 16 I moved back down to Hereford now with my mate Sammi and my Sister but i do go up to see my dad now & then. I have now become a semi pro football player, playing for Hereford United and looking to getting into the first time but i have played once or twice in the first time so far.


Green Street, The Scary movie 1-4, Saw 1-4, The Transformers, Shameless & Skins, Kidulthood & Adulthood


Well I like F1 with Kimi Räikkönen of Ferrari, Rugby of Leicester Tigers, then Football Man Utd and my team Hereford Utd of course


Well I like Hardcore the most and i go to raves with my lasies as much as i can, i also like a bite of Dance, Drum & Bass, New Monkey & Wigan Pier

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6 years ago

hey sexy boy !! io ur mine

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