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Stumbled on here by accident and figured why not share a little bit here too ^_^ Little over a year ago now I started playing with Camstudio to record some of my Second Life antics (kinda wanted to do a li"l more than porn at the time but that"s what stuck) Anyway, I"m gonna spread the love here for you all too, and if ya like what you see let me know (if you don"t, let me know too)

"bout me: I"m a heterosexual male (sorry boys) furry from Michigan"s lower penninsula, and I"m posting these vids ppretty much for shits and giggles. I"m an artist too and my work can be found on

anyway thats all the free info you"ll gt off of me. Enjoy the videos, and take care ^_^

Turn Ons

recently took a liking to females in fursuit, a cute anime cossplayer can get the enigine running too. Someone more than willing to push me onto a bed, couch, chair... the ground maybe... and top me. And then the exact opposite as well =P A girl who"llplay submissive to me as well (not that I"m too into bondage and bdsm though)

My likes are odd =P


Haven"t been to the theater in a while, but I"mm drawn to bad action flicks. Oh and porn of course...


I"m a rocker, but I like almost all types of music to be honest

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SL Home Video - Her Me Time
5 years ago
SL Home Video - Black Squirrel Boy Pegged
5 years ago
SL Home Video - Rough Hides
5 years ago
SL Home Video - What is Yiff?
5 years ago
SL Home Video - Men's Room Surprise
5 years ago

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4 years ago

Yay furry!

4 years ago

thank you! my boyfriend really likes the pigtails too xD actually, we were discussing a video like that. i would def. love it :D

4 years ago


differently different but erotic.  Keep up the good work 

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