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B4 U CONTINUE TO READ ON....IM STRAIGHT!.......sooo ummm, GAY MEN, BI MEN, WHATEVER, LEAVE ME ALONE LOL I WONT RESPOND IF U WRITE ME OR TRY TO ADD ME, SO GIVE IT UP..... anyways To sum me up, im basically a gangsta and a gentleman...,Im Funny as hell,outspoken, respectful, Caring,down to earth, an actual individual (rare these, im the type of guy that loves to just sleep with a woman laying on my chest, and i treat women like the queens they are. Yes i do smile (im always laughing) and i have alot more pictures that show it but its up to that someone to make me really smile(I cant fake a smile or a laugh....thats how REAL i am i guess lol)


YOu can REALLY Catch my on my myspace at


and check out my music page at

Turn Ons

I like women with down to earth personalities who are very unique and like to have fun, not too shy and not one of those serious females that have no sense of humor. As for the Physical...I love girls smiles, round butts lol, a good personality, someone with a sense of humor, nice skin, freak in the bedroom but classy in the streets, a girl that can communicate in every situation, and wont hide her feelings, isnt afraid to treat her man good, and take care of him just as he..d do for her, someone who understands that a relationship is 50-50 and not centered around only them, a girl that would like me for me and never try to change me. Basically if any of yall seen the Martin Lawrence show and is familiar with how she is in every situation....i want a girl exactly like Gina lol.... personality wise.

Turn Offs


LIARS...I HAVE A THING WHERE I ALLLLLWAYS KNOW WHEN PPL ARE LYING(its a gift) ME! just cause i nod my head and agree all the time dont mean im giving in to ur bull shit ,I Hate people that think im stupid and that can get over, Ignorant people, Racism (its pointless), lazy women that became Strippers cause they greedy ( i mean if its ur last option fine, but if u aint struggling...get a Real fuckin job shit! lol) , Basically i hate when women degrade themselves, copycats, Haters, Stuck up ppl that think they are superior, female friends that get a new boyfriend and then stop talking to you lol forgetting about the friendship yall had...then come back trying to be your friend 1 year down the line when they break up with they man lol....people that try and get more mad than me in a situation where im the one who has the right to be mad, when ppl label others, this whole act ur race thing...(WHATS THAT SUPPOSED TO PPL can do what the fuck they wanan do) if someone likes something from another culture it doesn't matter if society thinks its not who u are...YOU make up who u are individually...enjoy what YOU like...FUCK them, Girls that put up a front(if u like a guy stop being a punk), girls that brag about their ass when they know it aint that big, Ru, Fake people, 2 faced ppl, i got no problem with em really but Gay ppl that gave up on the opposite sex because of gettin hurt from If u turn gay u cant get hurt too? GImme a break LOL(especially the females), ppl that judge others by the way they look (i love it when i dress the way i do and when test time comes around and im the only one the teacher/professor says got the "A" LOL), stupid ppl, did i mention dumb ppl?


Martin, Family guy, alot of mtv shows, south park...and JAPANESE ANIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! lol (naruto especially), Blade 1 -2, Matrix 1-3, kill bill 1-2, the crow, Jackie chan: who am i (basically everything with jackie), kiss of the dragon, Fist of l


martial arts, video games, Rapping, makin girls smile :)


4 All Yall IGNORANT PPL: DOnt let the skincolor fool you: My ..1 music is Rap but i do like rock and ANYTHING!! that sounds good. Music aint got no Color if it sounds good dont discriminate. plus i dont understand how ppl judge ppl based on what music they listen too...


Halo: The Fall of Reach, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Of mice and men, other sheeet

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WUtSxZ gO00oD WIt SUm diCK ;]

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MMMM lookin sxy babaaay! holla@me

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hey sexi thanks 4 da add! keep in touch boo!


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