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Large Load Eater

Orally talented deep throat.

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Sucking cock any size, swallowing big creamy loads, sniffing, licking, and sucking balls. I have a male foot fetish...must be well cared for and sweaty. Love sniffing and licking hairy, musky armpits. Like to kiss and cuddle. Eating hot clean ass. Foreskin and really hairy guys.WS. Men who can piss while erect, precum oozers and shooters.Spanking, tickling. Voyeurism. Overweight men have dicks too...

Turn Offs

Fems, cross dressers, unclean, long finger and toenails. Liars, thieves, game players. Cock rings....I don"t care if your dick is as hard as a steel pipe, I"ll suck it anyway.Dominant men who feel compelled to push on my head when I"m sucking them....I know what I"m doing and will deep throat but I do need to breathe....And the biggest is shaved crotches, don"t understand why a man would do this!


Anything with Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves, Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie.I like the Friends and Frasier series.....I have most of them on DVD.Touching Wild Horses, The Notebook


Reading, my dogs, beekeeping, stirring up political controversy and general mayhem.Sucking cocks and balls.


Depends on how you define music...


Favorite authors, Charles Martin, Ted Dekker

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2 years ago
Hairy cock play
3 years ago
FTL Boxer Strip
3 years ago
horny  me
4 years ago
Horny Sportsman
4 years ago
stroking my cock
4 years ago
jerkin a big log
4 years ago
male feet by night
4 years ago
emo feet fetish
4 years ago
Cum Play
7 years ago

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4 years ago

hey man thanks for accpt my request 

you are a very sexy and hot man I really like you 

cheers from Spain 

4 years ago

Thanks for the friend request! Enjoi!!

4 years ago my friend

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