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Its a party until the police start drinking!

So why am i here? Porn; Obviously. I like watching home made porn by people who are like me... you know... average. I also like to show off what i have, what ive done with others and etc etc. I do enjoy having eyes on me, and, i like watching other people watch me have fun... and... vice versa. This isnt because i think im the best thing since sliced bread, this is because....well..why not? Not good enough? All the cool kids do it, and, i want to be cool too. :D

Im not really looking for a relationship, just some good old fashion... or new fashion, fun! Girls close by, you can always give me a msg if you wantto chat or whatnot.

Okay, so Im not really bi... im confortable. Worded better; "i like sex, damnit". Id like to think myself as pansexual, yeah, this totally sums it up better. Ive never actually been with a guy before(virgy!), but im looking to change that. i know what i like to look at. If you are a guy, lets go with older than me and dominate. I want to say "BIG!" but holy hell, i"ll try to be realistic; Bigger than me. ;) I think thats good! J/o friends? Sure sure, ive had many and dont mind having more!

Aim: radsk8rboyb

Yim: radsk8erboyb

Turn Ons

(girl) cute feet and anything add-on to the foot, toe rings, anklets even tats. nice ass, nice boobs... peircings and lovely eyes. (guy) taller and bigger than me. mature.

Turn Offs

Guys who want to bang me, but, are shorter than me(in height and cock, obviously). Yeah, if i did want to lose that virgy, i"d want it lost to something that Intimidates me. I look at it, i say "holy shit and wow". Cockteasing girls. No, im not talking about a lil tease/foreplay, im mean talking the talk but not walking the walk. Talk about losing a hard-on quickly?


The few movies at the time that i can watch over and over again; Back to the Future(any of them), Pirates of the C.(any of them, yes pirates rock.), Tokyo Drift and Dark Knight.


everything cept country

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2 years ago
6 years ago

A little more rubbing
2 years ago
jerking again!
5 years ago
first jerkoff vid
5 years ago
doggy styling with the ex part 2
6 years ago
doggy styling with the ex Part 1
6 years ago
cowgirl with the ex
6 years ago

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Two guys fucking
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Fucking my cousin
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4 years ago

Thanks for the add  Dude

5 years ago

I've got yahoo. lulu_love add me if you want a play...

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