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older, non-gym, daddy for asshole fuckers

NYC. Into real hookups.

Genuine and eager Bottom here for you to GET OFF LINE and drop by and fuck my asshole raw and breed me.
( or fresh filled rubber- feed me )
Its as simple as that.

......also N2 roiding up weekly ( say maybe 300mL ? )
( testosterone cypionate ) to a big Ego-ed, highly sexual, perverted, gym-competitive Top
into flexing, posing, showing off, and being appreciated and worshipped for your Superior manhood,

and custom / acclimate my ass for your powerful DNA to breed in me
and become your personal bottom asswipe.

Its about appreciating and recognizing your Superior Alpha manhood, soft, hard, big or small,

your private desires, pleasures, perversions and urges.

Your competition is in the ring and gym, not in the privacy of your bedroom.

Turn Ons

Making your solo video to promote your top skills.

Sucking off real pussy juices off str8/ bi top verbal dudes anon quick, or while you're watching your fav Xtube pussy porno.

Bi dick , Fuck her pussy/ass Put a strap-on on her.
Giving you 2 bitches. You fuck her. She fucks me.
Will learn to suck her tits while u fuck u
see your real manhood in action
lick her cunt juices off your dic

.. and for those Str8 perv dicks who'll fuck anything when they need to, on the side
on the sly.
Verbal, non-vers Total btm who concentrates on your dick, not my useless little one.

FYI: Im extremely perverted sexually. Very uninhibited. Whats said/done in bedroom, isn't for the public streets.


Asian culture clearly defines submissive and obedient versus dominate and powerful. Its not a movie. Its a perfect reality.


male couples
Double dick me, suck btms ass juices off top dick
suck leaking btmwhores butts

Btm to Btm playing / double ended dildoe, WShows / suk btms ass, and your cum....

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being a verbal dudes whore ass
3 months ago
ass spread  for dom musc Alpha's baby batter kept in my ass
3 months ago

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Top Comment #1 by: JimFilth44
3 years ago

One nasty fukkin whore you are, pig.  You could make a fortune in sleaze-based filthy pornvids, pig.  Love yer nasty idea of a fag-fuckin str8 dude scraping up a bag full of used rubbers from a backroom pornfuck shop.  Have him fuck em all up your fagmanpussy till your shithole leaks like a whore's cunt.  Get another chemmed up felch-manwhore to suck all them assjuices outta your fuckhole, spit it in a glass, and drink it.  Chase that with chempiss that's just been sprayed up and out of your faggotwhore's cunt.  Cam gets it all.  Your pimp (and you) will be rich.   

Top Comment #2 by: easy2learn
11 months ago

RAW / Breeding / Seeding - young and old - only way !  ronnie


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I'd love to fuck you!

2 weeks ago

I'd be pleased to pump your cunt full with my chem piss and plug it!

2 weeks ago

I'm really fucking hard right now.

3 weeks ago

Hot mangina and ass!  I'm not a muscle-bound man, but I'd love being your Dom Daddy!

3 weeks ago

Would be a pleasure having my dick deep in u

3 months ago

Would love to see more pics of you... especially when that hole is all slopped up and creamy. I want to fuck that hole sloppy till my hairy pubes start dripping cum and cunt juices.

3 months ago

Hey Sexy, want to plow you hard und seed your hole...

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