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attractive ladyboy looking for local foreigners!!!

I"m proud to be a Filipino Gay; I stand

5"6" feet & possesses a nice

skin and petite body u can touch on. I

love making friends, im very

sensible person,still single... lol. talk to ur eyes not in my eyes coz u can never lie on what u see. Feel my presence & ul know me... my life isn"t that

interesting but im willing to share it to anyone. Many people often mistake me as a genuine lady because of the physique & feminine feature I own. Definitely

flattering in many ways, and in as much as i dont want to decieve people, what can i do? I wasn"t

born a female but grew up as one and still living as such. People say i can pass as a true woman. Thanks to the Genes and to God"s Precious Gift to Mankind (Science) for the Estrogen-Bombarded

looks. LOL. But, Im proud of my being, a ladylike, or a "newhalf" as most Japanese would say. I enjoy living the life

that my heart dictates and even happier because of the

overwhelming blessings given to me. The society where i grew up exposed me to a world where gays are made to feel inferior

most of the time. They are being mocked at and discriminated. We have long endured this kind of treatment for far too long. I feel devastated everytime I hear sad

stories from my gay friends even I experienced some sort during my younger years. I was a bit

fortunate at present to have gained a Dignified and Respected Status. Efforts are worth it. In my own little ways of showing the World that we are never different from Males and Females, I know, that I can do something to help lessen and possibly eliminate

Discrimination and Violence against my sisters in faith at least in my own country. I believe that "Small Thing can make A Big Difference."

My Life, like everybody else"s journey, is not perfect but i learned to appreciate every simple pleasure and gift-life

offer. I got a good education, was brought up with good values, and have gained lot of friends along the way. I learned how to celebrate life in its simple ways. I am no extraordinary person who looks upon life as an adventure and a dream... I"m not here for GAMES. I am here to find some good people. I"m SINGLE and very ready to MINGLE! :)

Turn Ons

If your life is miserable, and other lives aren"t, don"t

make theirs miserable as yours, just be happy because despite your miserable life, some enjoy their happy lives. To be happy, we should learn to accept things that we cannot change. Sometimes, insisting what you want to happen can make things worst... You will always see what is wrong when you are right, but you will never know which is right when you are happy doing wrong... I am simple. I am happy for I have all the people I need and love the most, a simple way of living, my loving parents, my two sexy and handsome brothers and a life I enjoy the most. I am down to earth, trustworthy, honest and a lot more. I like people who are honest and is straight forward.

Turn Offs

I dislike people who strikes you in your back, very demanding and most of all a social climber. Be contented in what you have in life. I believe that " Destiny is not to be awaited for, it is to be


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Top Comment #1 by: hitman2012
3 years ago

So beautiful and sexy.....but so far away ;-(
Wish i could get my hands on you,honey!


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3 years ago

So beautiful and sexy.....but so far away ;-(
Wish i could get my hands on you,honey!

3 years ago

wish you where

4 years ago

Wow you give me reason to do some international travel.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Thanks for the add sexy!

4 years ago

Positive life affirmations, hope you keep them coming...

4 years ago

I never considered, not in my wildest dream, that I'm one god's gift to humankind. I know that I have a lot of weaknesses but these things make me who I am-- thus I will never think of changing anything about me may it be good or worse. I have been there and I will never subject myself to it again. I will not deny the fact that there are people who find me attractive. If you are one of them, thank you. I'm happy to hear it. However, let me set the record straight. Should you find the temptation of sending a message to me (especially if you plan of asking me out or getting my phone number), it's okay with me. But please, don't take it against me if I didn't reciprocate such sweet acts. I'm just being nice not to give out any false sense of assurance. I may be wrong or may have misunderstood your message, but I'm just being me. There are people here I also find very attractive and I would love to meet in person as well. It's just that I always feel disheartened to flirt because I don't know how to squeeze people in through my schedule. I clearly have several desires, but none I really need. To save everyone, here is my list: I go for looks. Not much with how lean the person is because, well, I, too, am not lean. If you think you have it, then I'd appreciate it if you can show it to me. If you are half-heartened to give it out, then it's fine. I will just ignore you. I am only into BISEXUALS so if you're a straight guy, don't bother sendin me a request. I go for people with sense of humor and can crack jokes and can take a joke as well. I LOVE laughing. Sawa na ako sa mga serious types. Don't be confused with how I write about stuff, in reality I'm one crazy dude. I will never hook-up to teenagers. I go for people at least nearer my age or a bit older. And finally, someone without any personal, religious, sexual, mental and physical hang-ups about liking the same sex. If you're confused about yourself, be acquianted with yourself first before sending me a message.

I prefer coffee over tea, meals over snacks, running over weights, cocktails over simple drinks, smile over chiseled cheek bone, heart over head, conversations over hook-ups, movies over jam sessions, books over magazines, philiosophy over science, colour over white/black, juice over soda, tall over short, mascular over fleshy, fit over obese, beach over mountains, rainy over summer, casual over formal, reality over dreams, head over heart, talkative over shy, neat over untidy, pop over rock, shorts over jeans, PC over laptop, people over things, shade over sun...

I desire a full-time lover and a full-time friend, someone who knows that things are used and people are loved instead of it being the other way round. Race, colour (im colour blind), creed, profession, divorced/widowed, religion does not matter at all. I have an issue with the following: 

1) No face pic 

2) Below 25 yrs 

3) fakes / guys with attitude problems 

4) far from my area and doesn't wanna meet

So if you think you aren't the one mentioned above, just drop me a line and say hey!

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