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I like to tease, torment and edge my cock.

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Edging, edging and more edging! ...the slower and more torturous the better. Orgasm denial, delayed orgasms, ruined orgasms, girls whimpering and begging to cum, orgasms after extensive teasing, bubble butts, very wet pussies.

Turn Offs

guys with pictures of their dicks/a dick as their profile pic...

**please, if you want to send me a friend request, send me a pm saying something about yourself or why you"d like to be my friend on here first. If your dick is your profile pic, don"t even bother. I"m straight and have no interest having to see that all the time. And yes, I"m straight, so if you"re a guy (99% of the requests/messages/comments I get on here) keep that in mind. Don"t hit on me or proposition me. I have no problem having guy friends on here who have similar interests or who I can have nice discussions with, or with you enjoying my videos or complimenting/commenting on them. I"m tired of declining like 20 friend requests each week, often from people who have sent them in the past as well. If you have nothing or next to nothing on your profile, I won"t accept your request without you saying a good deal about you and your interests in a pm **

Ok, think I"ve covered it all. Sorry, just this has been getting more and more annoying to me lately. I"m not interested in acquiring 1000, 2000, etc "friends" on here. I"m pretty selective and plus I figure someone with 1000+ "friends" themselves will never have any time for being in touch with me on here anyway, so I"m also highly unlikely to accept your request if you have that many "friends"

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teasing my pussy
6 years ago
3 years ago
Great Orgasm
3 years ago

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