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I never lose a hard-on

I"m a 24 year old virgin with a thin flexible body.

I edge. I can have dry-multiple-orgasms this way. Believe it or not my longest time without an ejaculatory orgasm has been 13 months (June 1st 2012- July 31st 2013). My previous record before had always ever been 9 months. I started practicing this in spring of 2009, but could only hold back for 3 weeks, then again in the summer of 2009 when I was 19 for 6 weeks, then again starting in March of 2010 for 9 months until I treated myself on Christmas Eve. After that it was always 9 months until recently.

I just discovered a way of getting much stronger and longer orgasms! I discovered this while watching jerk-off instructional videos. In the video usually there is a woman who determines the speed at which you jack-off & you are not allowed to cum until she tells you to. So while I was stroking I found that I had to tighten my PC muscles really hard to counter the stimulation of my hand. The longer you are able to stave off orgasm while tightening your PC muscles to maximum, making you cock the hardest it has ever been, the stronger & longer your orgasm is. I find my orgasms especially powerful when I am still trying to hold back (by tightening my PC muscles) while at the same time slowly stroking my cock. It's the best orgasm ever. I timed the latest one, which went on for an entire minute!

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Mutual masturbation, handjobs, women of all shapes & sizes

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When other profiles have a long list of turn offs


20th century ones


Keeping an errection for a long period of time without stimulation. Edging!


80's music

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3 years ago

sure wish ya let me know that another tuber was ripping off my stuff...clearly ya knew it was a rip by the comment ya left. No hard feelings...just please in the future if ya see my stuff being posted by folks other than me..let me know. Keep it hot and real, Mike

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