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A Guy Into Shoes and Suits

Hello! Thank you very much for stopping by!

I consider myself polite to everyone I speak to so you can expect a reply to all of your messages. :)

Turn Ons

Shoes - I enjoy all types of Shoes that look hot to me, including Sneakers and Casual Shoes. However, I really enjoy Dress Shoes.
Boots - Dress Boots I love but I also enjoy Work Boots, Police Boots, and other types of boots I find hot.
Chubby Men - Slim Men are great but Chubby Man have that extra something I quite enjoy; I tend to go for men older than me.
Suited Chubby Men - Add a Suit with that pair of Shoes or Boots and you've got a winning combination!
Suited Chubby submissive Men - A man who enjoys serving while in a Suit and Shoes or Boots is a big plus!

Turn Offs

Well, I'm not too fond of those who are rude or nasty to others; I'm definitely not fond of those who talk down to another one just because their sexual interests (or any interest, for that matter) are not what they would be into. I understand if someone does not understand it or anything but the least we can do is not be a jerk about it. :)


Anything pleasing to my eyes.


I have several. Mainly surfing the web, watching TV, and playing video games.


Anything that sounds good but if we want to be specific:

80"s Pop
Early 90"s Pop


I love to read so anything that I can get into.

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