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hey im robyn im a 20 yr old male and i enjoy every aspect of sex. after high school i bought a book called the tantra (a book on sex) and spent my nights at bars getting any girl i could. i perfected all my skills coming from the book and over the next to years i found i have a real nack for foreplay, and when it comes to sex, my dick is 8 inches so it never lets anyone down. Ive had sex with every type of woman and every body size, i dont care what a woman looks like, ill give some loving to her no matter what, sex truely binds and bonds two people, i put all my emotions and power into my sex and naughty fun.

if you like what youve read hit me up

843 547 4300

if you wanna play my skype is


Turn Ons

As i said i love all shapes and sizes of women, my fetishes are the same way.

i like:

WATERSPORTS -i love being pissed on during sex! i find it hot to be slaming myself into a woman and have her let lose her stream on my cock.

DOMINANCE -i love being dominated and turned into a slave, but a weird twist i love to be in control, i have a suspension system to hang my partners from the ceiling and torture and tease her.

MASOCHISM -im a masochist and love being in pain during sex, wether its as small as scratches and bites, or a large as putting a cigarette to my skin.

PUSSY PUMPING — i own three pussy pumps for my lady friends who come over, and i love a big juice swollen pussy. i even love playing with the large lips when they arent pumped.

SQUIRTING — nothing turnes me on more than a woman who squirts, i guess it goes along with the watersports though

PIERCINGS — i love a pussy with ALOT of piercings, makes me glad my ex and i still have sex she had 8 piercings on her pussy alone. (i also have piercings in areas ask me about them some time)

Turn Offs

anything dealing with poo. i hate sex with anal on me isnt a turn off but its not my favorite thing, i dont mind a girl with a curious pinky but the most ill allow up my ass is a thin dildo.

a side not a woman who doesnt know how to dirty talk or talks randomly during sex is the biggest moodkill ever


anything as long as it isnt a cheesy action dlick, documentary, or a chick flick

I LOVE MUSICALS! Moulin rouge, Rent, and All Across the Universe


i play guitar, draw, i do tattoos and piercings, and of course SEX!


i make my own dubsetps and techno, but i listen to anythin and everything accept new rap music, i prefer rap from the 80"s and 90"s


anything and everything

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2 years ago

love your cock <3

2 years ago

Brilliant pictures keep up the posting there great to see. Thanx for sharing.

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