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Well hey~! My name is Nikki, and I"m not exactly your common male. In fact in a lot of respects I am female! I grew up normally like any other boy, well, aside from discovering porn at the age of eight maybe haha. But as I grew older I felt different... I had occasionally tried on my mother"s underwear and such but thought nothing of it, because I was a young stupid pre teen. But when I was around 15-16, I discovered many many things, about myself, and online. That there were such things as Femboys/fembois, transgenders and a lot more. And that I actually had a pretty good body to be one if I work at it a little. I"m still trying to make my body a bit more like what I want, but I"m on my way to becoming a nice and convincing trap~. But truly, panties, skirts, thigh-highs, sportsbras... I just love how all of it feels on my body hugging my shape, it doesn"t feel like "Oh I"m sexy in this because it"s taboo," it feels like it was supposed to be like this from the start. I really feel like myself when i"m dressed as a girl, and I hope in due time to learn how to do makeup a bit and do my hair and such real well to make myself hard to distinguish between a flatchested girl and other just slim long haired guys.

Aside from that stuff, I"m a real sweet boi, who loves video games, reading some, good food, being silly and crazy, and being myself. I"m a bit rough with some of the friends I have at times, well, not that often, but I love them all very much, and I"m really a silly goofy sweetie. But with someone new, I tend to be pretty damn shy.

And a lot of the sexual detail stiff, is things I WISH I had, not that I do have... I am a virgin, with no sextoys either :(

Also as for why my Faith/religion is listed as "other" I believe some stuff could happen, and that a god/gods COULD exist, but I believe things that have been proven mostly. So... I"m sort of a not atheist atheist? Erm... Scientist? lol but dear got no NOT SCIENTOLOGIST! Ew!

Turn Ons

Ohhhhhhhhh boy. Nearly everything!

But some of my favorites are as follows. In no particular order,


Other fembois/traps

Not neckbeard/obese furries (like fotr <3)


Tight, sexy, revealing clothing

Kissing <3

Sounding/urethra play

Food play

Bondage to a degree

Girls that like to stuff their panties in their pussy

Girls that like sounding/urethral play and or watersports



And the list goes on. I"m a very kinky boi~

Turn Offs


Guys who are more than toned (aka I don"t like those "ripped" guys




Pain (spanking and a small bit is ok~ <3 Don"t make me bleed though! >:( )


Dirty talking, I just don"t get it -shrugs-

Being mean


Quite a lot, too lazy to list them.


Being a girly trap~, video games, computer games, work... woo... haha, reading, hanging out with friends, watching movies, going to playgrounds and fucking around (not literally fucking around). Some other stuff.


Not rap or country. otherwise I listen to prettymuch anything :D


The "Inheritance" series by Christopher Paolani, Warriors by Erin Hunter, Harry Potter, another cool book here and there, most just get made into movies then i watch it and I"m like "wait... that was a book? Dammnit.."

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5 months ago

A Girlyboy wearing Zelda Stuff...It CAN'T get any better :o)

2 years ago

    thanks for friendship ;]

2 years ago

thanks for adding me beautiful!

2 years ago

thanks for adding me

2 years ago

very cute!

2 years ago

how bout some more pics hun?

2 years ago

thanks for the add sexy

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