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I will not take friend requests from men. I am not gay or bisexual.

Im into peeing but not peeing on my self and importantly i don"t drink pee.

If you want we can go c2c, so you can add my skype: NaquanH

And ladies please send me your peeing videos and i will make you a special peeing video for you ;)

My email is

Skype: NaquanH

Kik: NaquanH

Turn Ons

Peeing only, watching girls pee in the toilet and themselves, watching girls take pregnancy tests

Turn Offs

peeing myself,men coming to my proflie being gay and rude,men


Fast 5, star wars


peeing, video games,driving

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6 months ago

peeing in the morning 2
3 months ago
peeing sitting
3 months ago
Pee in cup
3 months ago
Quick piss
5 months ago
Nice piss in cup
5 months ago
A Morning piss
5 months ago
peeing full bladder
6 months ago
Peeing in the bathtub
6 months ago
pissing in a public toilet
8 months ago
Horny peeing
9 months ago
peeing in a cup
11 months ago
peeing in a cup 3
11 months ago
girl peeing in hat
11 months ago
outdoor gushing pee at night
12 months ago
Dashing to the bathroom 2/gushing pee
12 months ago
dashing to the bathroom
12 months ago

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11 months ago

Thank you for the friend request!

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