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Hello my name is skin ( as given to me by my lovely Mistress) and i am owned and loved by Mydragonfly. there are a couple reasons why i am here. first and foremost at my Mistress"s behest is to find a transexual play partner to help live out some rather innocent fantasies that this slave has had for a very long time. Ideally She would be a Dominant with which my Mistress would co Domme during the session, however this is by no means limited to just Dominants as we would like to explore and experience a variety of different scenarios. Mistress also entertains some scenes in which i would be with a submissive at the same time.

The second reason i am here to to find some local friends that myself and my Mistress could meet and see what comes of that. This profile is by no means a way for me to obtain a new Dominant as i am quite happy with Mistress and that is not going to change, but rather to meet others to help expand our lifestyle experiences and of course have some fun along the way. W/we are very active in the lifestyle community and do not play at this. Mistress and myself live this everyday.

i would want to stress that there would never be any point that either party would not be able to stop. W/we practice SSC and would hope that all who reply to this would do the same. Before anything were to transpire ALL parties involved would be in agreement as to what would or would not happen.

W/we would never want this to be a one-sided endeavor therefore any and all ideas you may have would be most welcome for discussion. While this may or may not involve sex i would like to stress this IS NOT the reason for this profile. i as a slave to Mistress will tell you that i am not opposed to anything as long as there is Mistress"s approval of course and i do not consider myslef straight nor bi nor anything, i simply am a slave and therefore am more than willing to do ANYTHING that is asked/ordered of me.

Mistress has but one request and that would be anything to be done to slave is first discussed with her as She would have the final say on everything. i as a slave do promise to please each and everyone i am with to the fullest of my abilities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and W/we hope to hear from you all.


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3 years ago

Thank you for the add, very nice profile and well said. So glad to see realistic folks in the lifestyle. <3

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