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Simple,loving,responsible,loyal,etc. Add a little crazy, stubborn & spontaneous and you have me. I"m happy & I smile a lot. If you have something to say, just say it, I will. I never meet a stranger & I like to believe that most all people are good. I laugh at myself & I"m not afraid to say I am sorry. I"m confident & very happy with who I am. I do not need a woman to qualify me as a person and I wouldn"t respect myself if I did. I simply enjoy sharing life with someone special. I"m not gonna try to describe my looks, you will decide that for yourself anyway. I am certainly not perfect, thank goodness, or I wouldn"t be real. I"m a proud father of 2 sons, ages 26 & 30. I am a, passionate & intimate man & I love sharing that with my partner. I believe God is the Creator of our universe and His blessings to me are far greater than I deserve. I enjoy life, recognize responsibilities & realize that life is not all fun & games. It is the journey that is important. My definition of soul mates is when 2 people create a circle so strong that nothing or no one can penetrate it and I hope to find that one day.

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If you want to web cam with me then add me on skype: sexy_blonde_chick

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