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I am an open, down to earth, young individual. In a relationship. Looking to have some fun. I am into cars, traveling, women, vegas, bowling, go kart racing, motorcycles, and soo much more. I"d love to meet another woman that would love to have some fun in the bedroom. Or another couple to make our dreams come true...

Waring As of 7/20/2013 " No one has permission to use or copy any of my photos or videos in any shape or form " and " I have NEVER given permission to use any of my photos or videos in any shape or form " Failing to comply with the information stated above will result in legal action.

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Beautiful Latina, Asian and American Women!

Turn Offs

No Goals, No Ambition, Immature Women. Skinny, Smelly...


PORN, Bad Boys, The Notebook, Wanted, Anything with Action, Cars, And Hot Chicks! Transformers.


SEX,Bolwing, Poker, Cars, Shopping, Guns, And Go Kart Racing, Motor Cycles!


Hip Hop, R & B, Pop, Jazz.

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3 years ago

Hey thanks for adding us, love your pics & vid.

 Sorry it took us a while to respond, laptop charger died so we hadn't been on for a while. Keep in contact, we'd love to get to know you guys more.

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3 years ago

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MikeSoFresh69 - Male , 30
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