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If you haven"t tried it how do you know you don"t like it?

Hi all, you can call me Metalo.

I am a verse/bttm Dom. I love to dominate women, and love being submissive to men. However I can go either way with the transgendered crowd. I have dated women, and TG women (mtf), but surprisingly have never really dated a man (but would like to someday).

I absolutely love asian and black women, and I am a total sucker for a black man with a nice dick. When it come to BBC, I just can"t get enough.

Turn Ons

Guys, girls, and those in-between. Anal (giving and receiving), oral (giving and receiving), a nice shaved pussy, a hard shaved dick, a beautiful ass, and curvy hips. Small breasts, and a beautiful smile. A woman with a penis (either strap-on or real). A nice big black dick. Large loads of cum.

As a Dom, I love light bondage, slavery, Total Power Exchange, nudity, obedience, and collars (the sight of a woman in a collar just really gets me hot).

Turn Offs

Scat, water sports, discipline, extreme bondage, and really fat people (a little padding is one thing but obese! ew!).


Almost any SciFi action or horror movies.


Cars, motorcycles, computers, and home improvement.


Heavy Metal, rock, classic rock, punk, alternative rock, and techno.


"Interview with the Vampire", "The Walking Dead", "A Game of Thrones"

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6 years ago

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