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Contrary to current psychiatric and sociological diagnoses, some people just have a higher sex drive and derive greater enjoyment from sex than others. Unfortunately, some of the so-called experts have no idea. Those who have a voracious sexual appetite and derive high degrees of pleasure from sex are very fortunate, but are often persecuted by these self-proclaimed experts.

Whatïs wrong with having 2 or 3 (or more) orgasms every day? Whatïs wrong with having sex casually?

Hypersexuals tend to have sex more often, whether it is hetero-, homo- or auto-erotic in nature. They also tend to be able to separate sex from love, and as a result they tend to have more affairs then others.

They also tend to have more and better orgasms, hence the desire for more sex.

This is not a disease; it does not need treatment. This is a gift. Donït persecute people with this gift.

Turn Ons

almost anything that is highly erotic

Turn Offs

anything in bad taste; pain (well, any pain greater than mild, fun pain), blood; and what"s with facials? I really am not a big fan of coming anywhere OUTside. I really prefer cumming inside, unless it"s a handjob. To me, facials smack of degradation.


to me, the best sex music is either classical (and you have to pick and choose very carefully to get the right music for the right mood) or even new age

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1 year ago

It will be HOT to see your video.....have hot sex with a sexy woman. ;)

2 years ago

Thanks for making two of our videos favorites!

3 years ago

Sweetie, you can always go to the head of the line :-)

4 years ago

love the new profile pic...I'll just be getting in line ;-)

4 years ago

hey there cher -thanks for the cruise and fav adds -such a compliment -you know this means you have to come back to see me again...and again...and... ;-)

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