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Fuck my mouth and don"t pull out.

I don"t like labels...but only because there"s not enough of them lol. I would class myself as bi only because it"s the closest thing to describe me. I am a gay bottom for the most part. I top with guys and girls but mainly with 3 or more people. I LOVE eating cock but I also love to eat pussy. So summing me up; with a guy I"m a bottom, with a girl I"m a lesbian and in a group anything goes. If anyone knows what label this is please tell me. I would love to wear it.

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ldg2006"S Big furry phallus and his frikkin HAWT vids! Best profile content in my opinion.ARAB GUYS! LATIN GUYS! To be honest I love all kinds of guys know.ÂHard cocks.Str8 guys who cum in there ho"sÂpussy. St8 guys who participate in borderline homoerotic behavior. Horny str8 guys that fuck everything.This is gonna sound stupid but I love it when a bloke has the perfect amount of hair for his body and cock/ball shape. Now this could be fromÂmega hairy to completely shaved. When it"s perfect you just know and it makes themÂfucking hot!

Turn Offs

Queens. Don"t get me wrong. Got a few queen friends who I love to hang witÂbut they know its never gonna happen lol. Just don"t do it for me sorry.


I am easy going in terms of genre (love it all) but I don"t get time to watch many movies so I am very selective about which ones I make time for.


Perving on the many many hot str8 tradies I have to deal with daily (they are such cock teases!). Deep throating (love it when a guy can cum while deep throating me). I need alot of skull fucking and oral breeding from my man to be happy.


I am pretty much a pop whore (past and present) but I listen to alot of alternative music too.


I love fiction and fantasy books too much to read them. I can"t put them down so I choose to steer clear of them (except when I have loads of time to spare). I stick to the meatier factual based books. The ones that burn my brain out within 30 mins so I have to put them down after a few chapters.

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1 year ago

Damn glad to be your friend and would so love to have those hot lips on my nipples suck hard and then kiss me deep.

6 years ago

hey, interested in fucking?

6 years ago

great cock and fur dude

7 years ago

add me on msn im from melb.

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