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I am not going to bullshit you women, i am here simply for my sexual desires.

I cant stand drama, and i dont mess around with women in a healthy good relationship,

so keep it moving.

I am here simply because i want a fuck buddy.

Clean, Disease free, but fun to be around. If something comes out of it, then i will take this page off, till then, I am available.

Out of state welcome, but not in bum fuck USA… I.e. Texas, California… Places that are obviously far away.

I am from Brooklyn NYC, well you read enough…

Hit me up if your up for it.

420/ All Day Everyday

Turn Ons

chubby/fat females, threesomes, cum swallow, women in general, oral fixations, eating pussy


Turn Offs

stupid people, dirty women who smell and don"t know how to wash up properly,

ugly pussies, women without a sense of humor, ghetto thugged out women who act like men more than women and have a horrible habit of saying "suck my dick, if that"s you, keep it moving, anyone else, leave a message.

Also, and i cannot express this enough… GAY MEN, i am not a homo, so dont message me, dont give a fuck how good my dick looks, keep your comments to your damn self.


Bloody ones, sexy ones, comedies, action comedy, horror, porn.

some anime if its violent enough, and i don"t have to read stupid subtitles,

This is AMERICA so i should not have to read a movie.


Traveling, Bike Riding, a Relaxed Setting for drinking, Sex, Foreplay


Rock, Metal, Punk, Grunge… anything that sounds good.

No Rap. R & B is cool


News, serial killers, murder books (only if its based on a real person e.g. Ted Bundy)

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