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Wet These Lipz Up Daddy!

Sucking BIG DIKS ONLY!!!

So many stupid dudes are hitting me up, I gotta spell things out!!!

What you NEED to know:

1. I only suk dik cuz that's what I love (I only fuk when a guy makes me feign for the dik so bad, I want it inside me!!!); 2. I DON'T need your dik--I suk dik so good I have a daily flow of BIG diks, so don't come at me like I need ur dik--u want my mouth cuz ur bitch ain’t sucking it right; 3. I don't travel to suk dik--u fukin' travel to get my great head! 4. My media is on my profile, duh!!!! So wtf so many of u guys r asking me for pix when u hit me up???!!! FOH... I'm the one doing the asking for pix if I'm interested...and the minute u stall wit pix or refer me some where else, the conversation is over; 5. When your dumb ass asks me for pix or vidz and i reply wit, "bye," it means I've moved on to the next BIG-dik dude...I'm not mad or angry with you--actually, i really don’t give a is what it is...i don’t wanna date...I don’t want no dinner at a fancy restaurant...I don’t wanna suk your dik in a 5-Star hotel (I prefer a grimy alleyway with dudes walking past close enough seeing me giving u neck and pulling their diks out and beating them as they watch, busting and then inching over as you bust a fat nutt all over these lipz to make me clean their diks up with ur nutt all over my lipz!!)-- that’s the type of bitch I AM, so i don’t care about ur fukin feelings...I ONLY care about SERIOUS HARD BIG DIKS; 6. Don't ask for my fukin number—the answer is HELL FUKIN' NO!!! I give k!k info so u can IM me for free #1 and do u think I want a sorry-ass fuk head to have my number if I ain’t feeling him?! Duh!!! Once I drain ur BIG dik and WE both wanna see each other again, then u move up to get-my-number status—NOT before!!! k!k is free and can be downloaded to ur fukin fone cheap ass..upgrade!!! and 7. Most fukin' importantly, enjoy watching what me and my boyfriends from da hood got in store!!! Muah!

k!k: lipzJC

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Tired Dik;


Big Dik Daddy


Big Dik


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Big Dik

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1 year ago

DAMN!!!!!!!! Best head on the internet right now... please post MORE

1 year ago

Thnkx for the add Sexy !!!

1 year ago

  thanks for friendship ;] 

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