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Hey, stranger. My name's King, and I am here to see if there's anyone who can match my lustful nature or maybe be the reason for new fantasies or sexual adventures.
I am addicted to women and their amazing bodies, their smell, the taste of pussy.

I'm open for basically anything within the boundries of the internet.
No matter who you are, if you want to have some fun, shoot me a message (couples also welcome, don't mind flirting with a guy for a bit).

Turn Ons

Pussy juices, a little bit of pubic hair (if well kept then hair doesn't matter one bit), gorgeous eyes, redheads, the female body in general, cute and/or perky breasts/nipples, shapely women (in particular legs, ass, the usual), stockings, lingerie, tongues (french kissing or sucking on another person's tongue is the best, trust me), legs in thin leggings or just pantyhose (same as with stockings/knee high socks - drives me nuts), cock worship, dirty talk, sometimes a bit of violence (slapping, strong grabbing, pushing into something, etc.), something about bestiality that turns me the fuck on, same with shemales. Can't tell what though. Slow, sensual blow-jobs, hand-jobs, oil-play, squirting girls (especially when sitting on my mouth, love the taste), creampies...
And tons of other things, cannot possibly think of everything, sorry.

Turn Offs

Don't know. Maybe gory sex, such as mutilation of any kind, scat, not much into midget or grandma style porn.
Probably other things.


Seen way too many to name or even remember the favorites. Mario Puzzo movies, there. That's one.

Guess you'll have to contact me personally to find out more. Am open to regular chatting too, so no worries.


I dance, play guitar, take lessons in both, try to improve. School takes up most of my time, probably would be doing much more if not for that. I like drawing, paying attention to details when I do. Does being a neat-freak count as a hobby? I find it legitimately fun to put everything back in place...


Damn, okay...
In no particular order: Stubb, Kyuss, Tool, Animals as Leaders, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Eminem, Hopsin, The Heavy, Shinedown, Clutch, James Arthur, Kaki King, random classical or indie instrumental music, SOME actually Indie (as in the genre, I guess) music, lots of electronic music, but mostly melodic Dub-Step or House/Chill music. Madeon, Savant, etc. Jimmi Hendrix, BB King, Joe Bonamassa....
Fuck, I give up, too many to list. Answer summary: Everything I get my hands on.


Magician's guild, Time Machine, Hamlet, King Lear, Anna Karenina, Goriot Father, Paradise Lost, Kite Runner and How Starbucks Saved My Life (a little embarrassed about that, but I think it's pretty fun).

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Top Comment #1 by: luvthatpussyup
1 year ago

this is one beautiful young man, so sexy and passionate. had a blast sweety ;)


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1 year ago

nice cock man! 

1 year ago

Thanks for the fav of our "Cumcocktion"....

1 year ago

this is one beautiful young man, so sexy and passionate. had a blast sweety ;)

1 year ago

thanks for the invite;)

1 year ago

you are welcome to xtube!:)!

1 year ago

Thanks for the add sweety ;)

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