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Voodoo Child Phoenix Firebreather & FuckLord

I just try to live in the moment and continue setting the standard for exciting travels via a well developed sense of genital urges and their direct connection to a fearless and fun sense of adventure applied with a liberal slathering of sauce

Turn Ons

more like stay ons...

her eyes

her mouth

her tongue

her throat

her fucking eyes mouth tongue and throat ugggh that is what I like the most

yea ass and titties are also undefeated in countless title defenses for the cockhammer dick creation championship belt but...

I am turned on by a daring sense of fun, a smart sharp wit, a bit of ruthlessness, and the courage to conduct real open honest communication...

Turn Offs

half assed efforts. fuck you

selfish or lazy females who don"t even know how to take things (sex) to a finer level yet expect it delivered to them. HAHAHA sure yea you just hold that there breath, I was about to start feeling appreciated and give you my best. Oh nvm just pass me a moist towelette thanks

bad ass freaks (who know they can send a man to outerfuckinspace pleasure realms) with no spirit of generosity just wasting their talents


Freaky porno fuck flicks with lots of eager sluttyness and maybe even a sense of something genuine


Internet slutty talk with my lady friends, I am sort of a recognized expert at the sly remark that turns her on...


Power inducing communion with spirits type. Pupils dilating skin tingling and million light year wide wingspans


Mostly hippie shit, consciousness and substances are themes I find relevant. Also classic spititual stuff like Siddartha or Khalil Gilbran. and non fiction science

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