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Hello there.

I am just sending friend invites I am not gonna hit you with a cheesy line in an email that is not my style. If I send a friend request to you take it as a compliment not an insult, it means that I think you are gorgeous.

Good looking man, with a great personality, looking for pretty TG/TS/ and or passable Cd or TV located preferably on the eastern to middle eastern region of Long Island. Eastern Nassau is the furthest I would be willing to travel by car.

Although, I would consider meets in Manhattan if I don"t have to drive. But then again anything is possible.

Just to make it clearer than it is stated above, as if it isn"t clear enough above, I am not looking for anyone that doesn"t wear and look good in a skirt. I say this because I have been getting requests from men and when I say men I mean hairy, beer swilling, men. I am not into you please respect my wishes.

I want to meet someone, and see where things go, the possibilities are endless.

I am 5"7.

I am 140 pds, of muscle as you can see by the pictures.

I have shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes.

Yahoo mesenger id is: johnnylemongello,hit me up.

Take a chance, I may surprise you.

Turn Ons

Tgirl who like to dress sexy and aren"t afraid to talk to genuine people like myself that have a healthy interest in Real meets, and seeing what goes on from there. Taller girls with long legs.

Brunettes,Redheads, Raven haired beauties. I like a girl who prefer to wear a dress over one who prefers jeans. I am into a girlie girl.

Turn Offs

Men that want to talk to me because they think they can get me, I am here for Tgirls only.

Drinking to the point where you have to be babysat. Any drugs heavier than 420...


Boondock Saints, Bronx Tale, Pulp Fiction, The Departed, I am a gangster film buff, but have been known to enjoy movies like Shark Tale, The Incredibles, and good movie will do for me as long as it doesn"t bore me. i can watch anything from the classics to any new movies as long as it is cleaver and stimulating enough to hold my interest.


Skiing, Golf and Girl chasing.


I can listen to just about anything but country music, or opera, although i prefer alternative or heavier music. But I prefer any bands for example ranging from the Black eye Peas to Megadeth.


The Art of War, Hagakure, most Stephen King, any Nelson Demille. i could list writers that I read all night.

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3 years ago

I am sorry if I haven't gotten back to on friend adds, I have just been very busy with other things in life. If you add me as a friend I will respond ASAP.
Thanks for the warm welcome and have a safe and happy day/night.

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