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occassional diversion of perversion

Indulge each others interests,curiosities,fantasy,basic mutually concentual pleasure

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surprise me

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when my computer crashes
Cams without audio

quiet orgasms


***** Favorite X Film *****
"The Devil in Miss Jones" 28 March 1973 (New York City, New York) (premiere)

"Djävulen i Miss Jones" 24 August 1973 (Sweden)

It earned $15 million in gross rental at the U.S. box office, making it the tenth most successful film of 1973, just behind Paper Moon with Ryan O'Neil and Live and Let Die with Roger Moore.
Yeah, porn with a plot.
No cookie cutter tramp stamp, body jewelry, heel's n bed, tanning bed gym bodies, 5 positions b4 facial final,shaving nor waxing...


perhaps this could be one.
My Video's: NSA/FWB MILF GF gets turned on when I record her & HOT when she reads the comments & feedback.


circa 60s/70s


yes, TV no.

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3 years ago

Solo Rabbit very erotic (hand held) short clip
2 years ago
6 Minute Solo Orgasm
2 years ago
Skype session with a friend to ORGASM
2 years ago
12 Minutes with her Rabbit
2 years ago
MILF solo Orgasm
2 years ago
1st time with new Rabbit
2 years ago

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JoeOnTheDownLow's Favourite Videos (9) (9 - 9 of 9)  
I want your Cock
3 years ago
Let Me Suck You
4 years ago
Great Orgasm
3 years ago
Nice loud Orgasm
7 years ago

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Top Comment #1 by: sapfu
2 years ago

Great videos. Keep'em Cummin' :)


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2 years ago

My BFF gets turned on reading the comments on her solo sessions. Keep the feedback cumming and know she is reading each & every one. My BFF deserves the attention. Thanks from the Gentleman Cameraman.

2 years ago

Great videos. Keep'em Cummin' :)

2 years ago I  love drink cum .. I'm a real ITALIAN bitch..

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