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Hello... I"m a fairly easy going guy that is just trying to keep his head above water with my bills and duties to my fam and working out and trying not to get old as I approach the late 40s. I"m straight, well maybe bi. I love hairy pussy and love cream pies and nice curcumzised cock. I dont want to write too much about myself here... but if your interesed I"ll be more than glad to talk with you.

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Nice hairy pussy, women with nice size bellys and nice boobs. I love the vids here that show women that love to get fucked or love sucking. I love to eat pussy and love to cum deep in my wife"s nice hairy pussy. Have a few vids of her and I but she does not want me to post them. I can share some pics from the vids if your interested let me know.

I love big sized women. I love them plump or average weight.

Like many of us I wish I was young again sometimes with the wisdom I have now. In the 80s I was running around fucking a different woman all the time. I wished I would of slowed down and appreciated some of the beatiues from back then as I dont get much action now other than my ol" lady and my hand while watching xtube.

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I am REALLY turned off by the anirexic person on here that takes up the BUSH section with all her 100s of 15 sec vids... Estina54... ugh! (AND I really do not dislike her or mind her wanting to post her videos... I just wish that she would post only one or 2 longer ones rather than bogarting the whole BUSH section with her many many 15 sec vids... OK)

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4 months ago

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1 year ago

Great vids and pics!! Tell ur wife I said shes fuckin hot!!!

1 year ago

nnice cock love that cumslit

2 years ago

nice ass and dick. it would be hott to watch u fucking a lady. mmmmm

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