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White Trash with an university degree.

Well, what else can I say? To paraphrase Jerry Reed: "I"m just a rock "n" roller in a redneck-bar", at least that"s how my life often feels like. Or as the Cramps put it: "one half hillbilly and one half punk".

Turn Ons

For the most part â the kinkier, the better. BDSM is a nice variation, but shouldn"t dictate one"s life, but I"m open to most aspects of it, except for scat and permanent bruises & marks. Dominant but polite, a little sadistic but tender and gentle. If you think that"s a contradiction, you might have a lot left to learn. ;) Got a special knack for t-gurls and "subcultural girls" (preferably a little on the chubby side) â if it"s all in one, all the better ;)

Turn Offs

Hairy guys in women"s clothes, pretending to be "Transexuals".Hairy women. :DBad (not "not white", BAD) teeth & foul breathStupidity and ignorance (the latter even more, because you choose it)

People living in a pigsty and not being ashamed of showing it to everyone on pictures, videos or webcam. Get some sense of self-respect, dammit!


Way too many. Just not much of that modern Hollywood-blockbuster-shit. And I hate Michael Bay â with a passion.Maybe a list will follow later, but I"m just too darn lazy right now.


Music, music, music, concerts, music, (graphic) design (though that"s actually rather my profession), the odd movie, going bowling or working out irregularly (that"s why nobody notices ;) ) and there"s a special place in my heart for "professional wrestling", preferably the old school â and yeah, I know it"s not "real" â just before any smartasses rear their head.


Punk, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Metal, Hardcore, some Gothicâ NO Emo! There"s actually a certan fascination with androgynous boys who scream and cry like they"re being buttraped â just not when they try to pass it off as "singing". Fuckin" Cramps, Dictators and Devo â the real holy trinity. And a farewell to the Mad Daddy, Lux Interior


Ellroy, Bukowski, Foley, some musicians" biographies (Cash, Lemmy..)â besides that not all that much into "trivial literature", but I"ve read quite some classical stuff in my time â well, actually, I even HAD to.

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5 years ago

Thanks for the add, cutie! :-)

5 years ago

thnxx for the comment!!

Guess he should be lucky :P haha


6 years ago

Haha, yeah, it was a few days ago. And thank YOU for the request. How are you liking x-tube so far?

6 years ago

Thanks for the comment on my pic. There certainly is "plenty" of my "goodness";) You seem interesting.

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