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Well once upon a time I was crazy....Now Im crazier! If the alternative of crazy is sane and my family, friends almost everyone says they ain"t crazy....Hell no way in this life I"ll be sane! Crazy"s just another word for me and I hope the others I meet down the road! Sane lol the word sane even sounds like its a stigma ......lets get crazy?

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fanatical bout my yes MY teams! lol


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IMASXULDV8's Favourite Videos (5) (5 - 5 of 5)  
Haze Her
1 year ago
Haze Her
1 year ago
Haze Her
1 year ago

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6 months ago

So, you are a sexual deviant!  Welcome to the club my friend!!
Gay or straight, I never met anyone that didn't have a little, or big "quirk" about themselves!  So what, we are all sexual beings, that's why the earth has 6 and a half billion people!
No, I wouldn't label you as a sexual deviant, I'll just call you normal, if that's OK!??

IMASXULDV8 - Male , 47
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