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Hi, I'm a guy looking out for some fun, maybe it's here it'll hit me. Tired beating around the bush so I'm looking around in here, commenting of what I find sexy. Maybe I'll even stumble over my hot dream; a punk, dirty spandex booty chick with an extra curvy body. That would be sooo awsome! If she wanna turn me just as curvy and sexy as she is, then she is my destiny!

Turn Ons

Straight people who know who they are! Forward people who know the difference between hot and not! Open minded people who welcomes diversity in body shape, dresscode and taste of not being in to commodity. What would drive me up the wall, would be a Dirty smelly Curvy girl in spandex and Hunter rubber boots reaking of cunt and sweatty feet. On the lean side, I turn on naked fat bellies in general, tight clothes on fat people, stinky dirty Chucks on chubby people.   

Turn Offs

Arrogance and people who think that no one, can learn them anything imortant. The Kate Moss type! People who starve themselves to obtain somthing, which just not is ment for them to happen, it's so pathetic. I belive in self realisation, and that you can do anything you want with your life, but I also belive in being realistic about my ambitions!


Leon, The Shining, Das Boot, 007, Gone in 60 seconds, Speed,  and many more.


Dating and my Corvette, definatly! My job is actually one of my hobbies too...... Love it..:o)


M.I.A, Infernal, Bruce Springsteen, Alan Parson, Snap. 


Tolkiens Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit, Shadow of the Wind, Colums of the earth, and lots more

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Time for a shave
4 years ago
my ass new
5 years ago
Just me pawing. :3
2 years ago
wet and begging
3 years ago
humping a pillow
3 years ago
chubby cumin
6 years ago
My First Video
4 years ago
Pukey from Sweden
6 years ago
4 years ago

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6 years ago

hey man :) Got new rubberpics on :) Hope you enjoy them :)

6 years ago

Woah, Dude.  This leatherman would love to piss on you sometime.  I think it would be hot to piss INTO your rubber trou, actually.  Whenever you feel like playing... Thanks!

6 years ago

Thanks for your hot comments, dude! Really, I loved to feel my creamed jeans’s smell... I don’t wash my sex jeans... Hugs

6 years ago

I loved your pics, man! your riped jeans, very hot! Thanks for add me!

6 years ago

Thanks for your comments !

7 years ago

hot profile! thanks for the add!

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