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Hello people! I'm just a voyeuristic / exhibitionist young guy with a passion for all kinds of sex. I have yet to find a woman that shares my enthusiasm for sexual freedom.

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It turns me on when you people tell me what you think about my pictures. I know they're not great pics but I'm new to this shit and they'll get better in the future. Besides fucking, I have a STRONG passion for eating pussy. The wetness, the smell, the taste!!! I don't even like going down on my girl unless she's soaking wet. The wetter, the better is what I always say! My favorite words I like to hear from any female is "I'm dripping wet". I get more turned on from giving, than I do from receiving. I think that's one of the many reasons why my girl and I have such a healthy sex life. We pretty much only fuck when she's horny. I'm talking sooo wet that she drips into her panties...Yummy! It makes me drip crazy pre-cum before I'm even fully erect. When it's hard, she grabs it and slides it up and down her clit & lips. All I feel is our juices just mixing together until it's starts getting creamy and that's when she goes down and licks and sucks as much of the creamy goodness as she can, comes back up so I can suck it off her lips and tongue. Then it's pound town ;-)! I LOVE mutual masturbation! Dirty talk. Nerdy chicks with glasses. Recently I've been developing an infatuation for chicks with glasses. Especially brunettes! Real dripping, creamy pussy juice (no spit or lube). Squirting too. Even some of the fake scenes with obvious piss...Some of them. Tribadism. Watching females masturbate by humping or grinding against their bed, pillow, rolled up sheets, stuffed animals or my leg while they're going down on me. I love it when my girl plays with my pre-cum. Making myself cum by humping or rubbing against my bed or my furry blanket. Grinding against my girl's thick, plump ass while she lays on her belly and grinds her clit against the bed (ultimate favorite). Smelling and tasting soaking wet panties and pussy. Watching females smelling and tasting their fingers during and after their masturbation session. Any movie with Sinn Sage!! "Sexual freedom"!!!

Turn Offs

Scat. Rape. Pain. Shy females. Chicks with dicks. Lube (never been with a girl that couldn't get wet). Fake, over-produced porn.


Drawing, boxing


Mostly hip-hop, rock, smooth merengue and cheesy 80's music but I'll listen to almost anything if it sounds good.

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humping my pillow
2 years ago
Fox Lovin'
3 years ago
still horny
2 years ago
Throbbing Orgasm
5 years ago
6 years ago
hump squeeze
3 years ago
Couch humping
5 years ago
Some midnight fun
2 years ago

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Top Comment #1 by: itsasweetie
2 years ago

thank you for letting me know you stopped to perv a bit with me (: I surely hope I'll see you again

Top Comment #2 by: diddler_darlington
2 years ago

Thank you for your nice comment on my wall.  Yes.  I am very nerdy, if what you mean by nerdy is liking to read lots of books.


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2 years ago

well hello there -thank you for the invite and the lovely compliment of the fav add -I hope you'll stop sometime to say hi (:

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