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Hi really nice some one to get to know really good. So try me you might have fun

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Shit if you like to get down. I think you"ll truns me on fast lol

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5 years ago

Hey well their really not much about me. You'll do better if you would just ask me wat you want to know so you can fine out a hole like better. Because I really can not think of anything that’s you would really want to know or unless you ask. But I can tell you one thing if you do say anything to me plz do not say wat up with the cartoons. Because one their not cartoons I prefer you to call them anime. Because that's wat I like is anime not cartoons. But if their anything else you like to know just talk to me I won't bite lol. But ok other then you asking me I would tell you something. I'm 20 in got a hole life ahead of me so you know time really dose not do anything for you but move ya got me. But I like to play video games I can’t stop I been doing it for a long time now. So it would hard for me to stop something that I love ya know wat I mean. In I’m in to anime you should know that just looking at my page in stuff. Well I do not have any tattoos I want some but I just do not make the time in do not have the money to get some. In the same thing I said about a tattoo that goes for the same thing with the piercing. I well get them I just need to get my shit right in then I will do all that. Kids I have one. Did not  planed it but thing happen ya know wat I mean things happen but I happy it did happy because I'm a daddy now in it's nice. Well i was thinking I had an kid. But she was an lieing ass bitch. Sorry i really do not like saying that. But she was trying to put an kid on me. Thats not even mine so all i had to say is fuck her. In I move on with my life. In right now I do not have a girl. I just have friends that know that they can get it until I get a girl. In the thing I like to do for fun is. I love video game in anime I love them to death. But I know when to get off them in worry about wats going on. Other then that I do not smoke and I do not know if I ever will I do not see any reason. In I do not drink but I have did it a couple time because of you females you always be trying to get me fuck up.   

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