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Masc Bottom Located in NJ / NYC area

I"m a Safe Only non-recip Bottom that"s looking for Safe Only non-recip Tops in the NJ / NYC area.

I"m especially interested in being someone"s on call late night cocksucker and/or booty call.

If you"re open to making a vid too, even better.

I really want to get a vid on here of me sucking someone off while they hold the camera so it"s from their perspective looking down on me going at it.

I"m into a lot of different fetishes and scenarios (just check out the Turn Ons section and Definitely check out my all time fantasy in the Sexual Interest Section!) and willing to try more. Let me know what you"re looking for, I"m up for just about anything.

Turn Ons

Masculine Men ï my biggest turn on

Muscular upper body but slightly thick around the middle. (All body types ok, this is just my fav by far) Mmm love handles

Smooth is ok, Shaved makes me sad, Hairy is King!

Anon/Blindfolded Sex

Outdoor/Public Sex

Servicing Str8/bi/curious guys w/ BJs and Rimjobs

Men in Uniform, from Garbage men to Marine and everything in between.

Getting fucked by two guys at the same time that are related (Brothers, Father-son, Uncle-nephew, Cousins, etc) or know each other (Best friends, Roommates, Co-workers, etc) turns me on more than two strangers ever could.

This last fetish is hard to describe and I"ve never met someone that shared my views but I"ve always been sexually attracted to people that are at the extremes of the norm. Here are some examples of what I"m talking about:

-Very tall (The taller the better. 6"11" was the tallest I"ve been with)

-Little People (One of my dream guys is Sebastian Saraceno from Pitt Boss <3)

-Very young...but legal! (Not into children or anyone that hasn"t gone through puberty, that"s just wrong. But c"mon, you"ve got to admit that there are some muscled out 16yo that are just fuckin" Hot!)

-Very Old (I would love to get w/ a hot 70yo+)

-Extremely hairy (I love guys that are COMPLETELY COVERED from feet to neck in hair. Anyone w/ Wolfman syndrome, come to the front of the line)

-Extremely Muscular Bodybuilders (There"s no such thing as too much Muscle!)

-Albinos (They are soo hot! but I don"t know where to look to find any, especially gay ones!?)

-Tattoos (Full sleeves, face, cock,..the more the better)

-Piercings (Cock, face, tongue, body..the more the better)

-Body Modification (not interested in doing it, but fascinated by it)

-Amputees (Every since I was little, I"ve always been attracted to male amputees, not sure why)

-Wheelchair (Both paraplegic and, of course, leg amputee friendly)

-Birth defects (I find Body, Limb, and Face deformations both interesting and sexually arousing)

+ more

After typing that, all I can think of is sucking off a Str8 double leg amputee war vet in his backyard while he sits in his wheelchair and is wearing his army fatigues hehe.

Turn Offs

Feminine Men ï my biggest turn off

Waxed Eyebrows

Overly Tan, Sun baked Skin

Fake Orange Spray Tans

Long Hair

Belly button rings

Women"s underwear

Cross Dressers / Trannies

If you fit into any category here, I"m not judging, feel free to do your thing. It"s just not for me.

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3 years ago

Let's meet, i work in midtown.

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