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I LOVE JESUS He Is My Savior

I am a single Country boy still going to school, and until last week I had some naked Pics posted. But I went to a revival at a Holiness Church in town and accepted JESUS CHRIST the Son of God as my savior. I have left my Profile up on here so all my friends would know what happend to me. I found what I was looking for but not on Xtube.

It was right in front of me all the time but I couldn't see it untill I invited Jesus into my heart.

Now I no longer serve the devil and I want my life to reflect the Light of Jesus.

So to all my friends on here I say thank you for being my friends, this does not mean you have to delete me or I have to delete you. We can still communicate and be friends. I just no longer want to be part of nakedness, nasty thoughts or talking.

So Thats My story, I was forgiven and born again on Jan. 9 2009. Jesus Gave His Life for The sinners, yes even you and me. He Loves You and will continue to go after even one lost sheep He is our Savior and Good Shepard.

Hope to See ya'all in Heaven someday.

JOHN 3:16 look it up it's true.   


Turn Ons

Ladies Who Appreciate me for who I am and like to Study The Gospel.  

Turn Offs

Gossip and mean spirited people


 Anything G rated, which is hard to find, even Disney has turned to PG and for the greed of money.






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5 years ago

i so glad for u

i was wondering what happened

wish i could do the same 

5 years ago

Wow...5 stars for that big dick!

5 years ago

pretty cool man!

Farmboy-lovesmilf - Male
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