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Well, to be quite fair, I suck at writing any kinds of intros... I"m Estelle, plain and simple. Maybe I"ll fill the rest of this out... at some point.

Very rarely do I add if someone just adds me. Rarer still is if I hit accept on mistake (which has happened lol). And if your message is just a "hi" that doesn"t really help your case.

If you want to be friends at least talk to me... a request without a message usually ends up with a decline, sorry.

Also, I pretty much purge and delete people if we haven"t talked. :/ I just think you"re dead weight if you"re just gonna sit on my list and not talk to me, and I don"t feel like being another notch on your friend belt.

Turn Ons

Clean guys pretty much. I don"t care if you"re fat, skinny, muscular or just average I"ll find you attractive if you"re not a dick. If you"re gross and disgusting you"re just that: gross and disgusting and need not apply... Humility is also very sexy. As in being humble. Not as in being humiliated.

I"m also not afraid to tell a woman when she looks damn sexy too, I wouldn"t say I"m bi, but I"m definitely going to tell a pretty gal she"s pretty. :)

Turn Offs

Gross people, assholes, braggarts, pompous people. Scat, Bondage, stuff like that. I just hate being restricted to be honest, so that"s my gripe with that.


Horror is my favorite genre along with thrillers I suppose. Drama films are good too, this includes some "chick flicks." But I"m just not a fan of dramedy or romantic comedies. I can waste a day away watching Lifetime movies on the couch, but that"s another story!


Music, lots and lots of music. My iPod is part of me. I"m in college for zoology so animals I guess can be part of a hobby. I loooove to steal the PS3 and play from time to time. I"m not half bad either.


Other languages music. I love Japanese pop, rock and the like. Along with English music, but that takes back burner.


I love reading, so if it catches my eye, anything almost. Scifi, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical is also getting up there now to an extent.

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5 years ago

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2 years ago

Hey girl, how are ya? I havent been on here in along time. Thought I would check it out see whats new if anything. If ur still around hit me back.

3 years ago

sup lady! how have you been?? if you're still around, hit me up sometime!

4 years ago

guess what??  i got videos now!

4 years ago know i under the influence the ENTiRE weekend.  i haven't heard from you in a while, so i wanted to let you know i still had you on my mind.  i hope everything is going well and that i talk to you soo!! x3

4 years ago

Hey Sexy..... how have you been??

4 years ago I checked out your page a few times this past week (not a stalker :p) and I need some info to satisfy my curiosity.  What do you have on your iPod? :)

4 years ago you already know that ;)  I didn't expect to the read that you like Japanese pop, Sci-Fi, and fantasy. Not that it's usual, just very refreshing to see.  Also, It took me awhile to notice "chan" in your name.  So thumbs up all around!

4 years ago

thanks for adding :)

4 years ago women tend to shy away from nerdy guys like me where i'm from.  feel free to stop-by anytime.  comment my pics and i shall return the graciousness...

4 years ago

Luv the new pics! Very cute! :)

4 years ago I GET DAT NUMBA :P I love that song!

4 years ago

hey sexy

how was your weekend?

hit me back in a message ; )

4 years ago

Damn baby you're a dime and a half!

4 years ago

Estelle, you new "blue" photo set is so sexy ... you look gorgeous!!!

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