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Hey from Atlanta, call me Ebony. I"m 52,5ft 11" 160 with a 29" W. Smooth milk chocolate skin that feel like silk, 8.5" cut manhood. There are many sides of me, I love LEATHER and not just the I look it or the fact that I look hot and sexy in it. It helps me release my enter PIG and their"s a softer kinkier and sometimes down right MANBITCH that is makin himself known but it"s all me. I"m versatile and a lover of toys for men and women. I"VE BEEN FISTIN FOR 15 YEARS now AS A TOP.My solo play, well you"ll be seein soon. Oh and maybe a friend or two, so please say hello.

Turn Ons

Tall men in boots of any kind, great butts, long legs/ hairy,smooth or shaved. I also love removin hair from the body, be it by clippin or shavin. Men that say what they mean and mean what they, then do it. men that know their butt from their asshole. Oh and I"m still gettin to know my own and about to take my cherry, that"s right. I"ve not taken a fist yet, any takers? LOL... I"m not kiddin.

Turn Offs

Boy games, I don"t do them nor do I do boys or men that still think and act like boys. I did"t do boys when I was one.No calls no shows, ppl. that are late and won"t let you know and ppl who won"t respect the difference in all of us.


Love movies of most kinds and maybe I"ll tell ya later.


Two steppin, campin nude,


All kinds, ok most and please, you may ask too

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