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I figured that I"ve been on this site long enough that I should write a proper profile. I am a 20 year old arts major from the US. Even though I have yet to post anything, I am extremely active on the site. I am a bisexual woman and I enjoy sex just as much as the next person. I"m not on here to meet anyone so DO NOT message me personal requests. I will also never, ever state my name.

Turn Ons

Men, Women, Gentle and Rough Sex, Biting, Sexually Pleasuring My Partner, Wetting, Piss, Anything Public, and occasionally Golden Showers.

Turn Offs

Anal, Socks, Hair, Shit, Feet, and any of that extremely kinky shit that"s borderline creepy.


Horseback riding, anything arts related and I love traveling!




Hm...I don"t really have time to read anymore.

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piss and cum
5 months ago
Peeing accident i..
10 months ago
Hands Free Cum
1 year ago
Pee n Cum
5 years ago
humping the bed
4 years ago
Losing Control
5 years ago
Wetting my tights
3 years ago

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5 years ago

I'm here for the lulz.

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