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If I cant be good, I'll be good at it

Good guy, with high sex drive, just looking around for some outside stimulation.

Turn Ons

Women, there is something beautiful about every woman, just most guys dont take the time to notice, it could be the way she walks, her sexy legs, the way she stretches or the way she smokes her cigarette.  All in all personality and confidence are the biggest turnons 

Turn Offs

Its one thing to be confident and its another to be concieted.  People who think they are better than everyone.  Racist people if, if you dont want to do me because I am an asshole thats fine, just dont do me because I am white. 


Invader Zim (TV show) Van Wilder, all the Friday movies, Mel Brooks movies, vampire movies, Accepted, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sara Marshall, The Bourne trilogy, Transporter, Crank, John Wayne Movies, Hellfighters, Huevos 1-9 (and if you know who they are then you are the shit.)


I do a little of everything, I ride Atvs, I shoot but I dont hunt, I read, play RP games, have all the consoles, x - 360, ps3, wii.  I hate when the only release a game on, I work on different projects, right now its a 74 IH scout II(and if you know what that is your the shit) and I basically keep the rest of my friends out of trouble


I listen to a bit of everything, but right now Five Finger Death Punch is a favorite.  Ashes Divide, Stone Sour, Linkin Park, Black Stone Cherry, Slipknot, Flyleaf, Ludacris, ZZ top, Black eyed Peas, Kieth Sweat, Silk, Mystical, Lil John and the Eastside Boys, Rick Ross, 50 cent, and I will stop there because this could take a while, lets just say I have a wide range and I didnt even mention country in


Ann Rice, Dean Kootz, Tom Clancy, 

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7 years ago

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