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I have pretty bad anxiety and depression, both of which are being managed with medication. Still reading? I am online often since it"s easier for me then being around people, but I do try to go out and be social when I am feeling alright. My main issue is that since I am a fairly kinky guy, it"s hard to open up to any girl I am dating. So many people see me as quiet, reserved and calm. When really I am often thinking something dirty :3

Turn Ons

I get turned on pretty easily by most forms of erotic naughtiness. Breasts, shaved pussy, anal, hentai, yiff, blowjobs, shemales, pegging, some bondage, masturbation, goth girls, cosplay/costumes, and of course sex in a variety of interesting places.

Turn Offs

The real extremes of fetishism don"t really do much for me. Scat, painful domination, abuse, untrimmed bush, golden showers etc.


Action Adventure, Anime series, Comedy, Documentaries, Fantasy, some Drama, Hentai and old VHS porn :P


Internet, Computers, Drawing, Singing, Music, Reading, Graphic Design


Blues, Rock, Alternative, Metal, Anime music, Vocal Jazz, Standards, Lounge, Big Band, some Country


Fantasy novels,biographies and autobiographies, and plenty of both adult and normal graphic novels

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2 years ago

Yum. =9

3 years ago

nice set of baby blues you got there, cher -thanks for the cruise and vid comment -love to give you just what you need ;-)

3 years ago

You look like the Spy from TF2

4 years ago

If you like pegging you should check our latest vid out! It's our first time filming it, and I'd love your opinion! ( hopefully it will be up by time you look, slow xtube is slow)

4 years ago

Thanks for the kind words! Don't worry there are more nerdy-sex crazed girls out there, many more than one might think.

4 years ago

I like your profile pic! Vera is an awesome artist :D

5 years ago for stumbling on to my profile and liking it enough to add ;) Hope you will like the rest I add as well. Drop me a line if you care a more personal message.


5 years ago

Thanks for posting on my page, I'm definitely a proud redhead ;P

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