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Hello, my name is Daniel Daro, or Double D, or DD for short. I'm a DragonDog. Purely dragon with canine features. Some of you may know me, or even recognize me. If not?, you have no reason to be alarmed. I am a very friendly fur, but i can seem a bit shy and quiet. This is due to a condition i have been diagnosed with called Aspergers Syndrome. I enjoy dancing, attending furry gatherings, fursuiting, the animals of Planet Earth (not in a sexual way), while also enjoying seeing movies (whether DVD, or Theater), roaming FA, listening to music, and chatting with my furends. I love The Furry Fandom a lot!

Turn Ons

Respectfulness; Self-Control; Fursuits; Feetpaws and Feet; Foreplay; Sensuality; Breasts; A Nice Butt; Vagina; Penis; Blowjobs: "Eating Out"; Frot; Cuddling

Turn Offs

Scat; Watersports; Blood; Lack of Respect; Lack of Self-Control; Pain


Back To The Future; The Lion King


Fursuiting; Hanging out with fellow Furries; Listening to music: Dancing; Watch tv; Watching videos on YouTube;


Michael Jackson

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2 months ago

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8 months ago

Hey Double D. ^^

DD------ - Male , 29

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Cocoa, Florida, United States
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