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Just like the rain, I"ll be always falling, only to rise then fall again....

African-American; 5"9", 180lbs.; light-brown complexioned; shaved head; black hair and brown eyes

Turn Ons

Any and all things ultra-masculine; courageous, confident, challenging, dynamic, difficult, vibrant, INTELLIGENT men; 25-45 years old; GOOD HYGIENE habits; striking eyes; great kisser; hairy; MUSCLES: a man who puts the BOD in the word bodacious; over 5" but under 9"; uncut; succulence..."cause I like "em juicy; symmetry, height-weight proportionate; mesomorphs, endomorphs

Turn Offs

You mean besides white sweat socks worn with dark dress shoes? I mean, come on, they DO make dark sweat socks too, dude...LOL....Liars; thieves; phonies; cigarette smoke; chapped lips; a limited vocabulary; dirty and/or chewed up fingernails (DON"T TOUCH me!); ectomorphs, twinks (I don"t care for flat chests or flat arses); super-small dicks; smegma; effeminate men


Aprende; Doin" Time 2069; Deep Throat; Behind the Green Door; and any flick featuring Brian Pumper, Julio Nieves, or Robert Long


Communicating with the Creator and myself on a regular basis; vigorous, strenuous exercise 5 days a week (no Saturdays nor Sundays); Power 90; 420; long walks; encouraging my fan base (prioritizing loved ones)


House, disco, classic rock, R&B, rap/hip hop


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4 years ago

Kiss  Thank you for becoming my new young, handsome, sensual, hot and sexy friend with a wonderful smile!!!

4 years ago

I just responded to your latest blog post and decided to take a look at your profile.  I gotta say, that is one amazing profile pic.   :)

4 years ago

I know that the site admins have instituted a new tool to clean out old vids that were either deleted for some reason, or if the member deleted their profile.   I noticed that some of my favorite vids were gone as well and when I looked for certain individuals that I knew should have been there, I saw that they either deleted their videos or deleted their profile.    It *could* be that.    

The other possibility is that there was some accidental purge.   If you think that is the issue, go to the bottom of any page and hit the "get support" button and open a support ticket.   The guys are really busy so it may take days or even a week or so to get back to you, but they will investigate it.    


5 years ago

thanks bruh, glad you liked it...

5 years ago" alt="" width="320" height="320" /> 

6 years ago


6 years ago

And I like the newsfeed personally, I like to see if someone post comment or just add favorite and never contribute to the community.

When I receive a friend request , if the asker has made newsfeed available, I like to check if this guy takes active part in the community. If his newsfeed is available but empty, I tend to be more careful before accepting it.

Naturally, I dont criticize your opinion, I fully respect it. But nothing is totally right or wrong :)

6 years ago

Come up sometime... see me... I'll show you my PhD!!!  Throw in an oral exam, too.

6 years ago

love your pic stud

7 years ago

Thanks for the add... You looking really hot, Men.....

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