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New to this...


First off, I would like to say that I am in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful girl. I am very in to music and the outdoors. more to come later...

Turn Ons

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I have an appreciation for girls of all shapes and sizes and all types of looks. I tend towards what is referred to as "BBW". I prefer to watch solo girls taking time to make themselves feel good. Big turn ons for me include sexy eyes, curvy bodies and a nice ass. I also like a girl with dreadlocks

Turn Offs

Tattoos, girls that "ham it up" while getting fucked. It"s great when a girl is loud but I want it to be genuine. That"s the sexiest.


I don"t watch a lot of movies. I like Documentaries. anything with a shipwreck, pyramids, or music in it is great.


I play a couple of instruments and I love to get outside. I like taking pictures, collecting sea glass and rocks, and camping and hiking.


I listen to all kinds of music. My favorite band is The Graterful Dead. I lean towards folk, blues and bluegrass the most. I enjoy real, (usually positive) hip hop, I listen to a bit of reggae. Anything that is real, and not written to sell albums. Just ask if you want to talk more about this :)


I absolutely love to read. Usually, I am reading two books at once at any given moment. A lot like the aforementioned movie category, I like non-fiction books the most. I enjoy learning about things and hearing new ideas. I think my favorite book is "To kill a mockingbird" and the runner up is Harpo Marx"s autobiography, "Harpo Speaks". I also enjoy reading radical and incendiary literature like anything by Abbie Hoffman.

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2 years ago

Babe, thanks for letting loose with me on here. I love you, and remember that you are the sexiet man on the internet--in the universe! Grrrrrr...

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