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whatever it take ,take it down an let it suck

German guylooking for fun...

Gesucht wird versaute sie in ffm -max55 ;)


Oh well ,

and if anyone gets me pissed on ,cause my english sounds sometimes real nasty ,

jesus hell

i never learned that in school ,

just watch movies with subtitles long time ,

and thats the result...

And if anyone think he(she gets better with it .

no problem ,

feel free to learn german by just watching it on ya dvd recorder


Turn Ons

any hardcorestuff , sm ,bondage,outdoor ,mff Lets say everything drives me horny ,what religiouse people called SIN^^ 

Turn Offs

romantic sex(iam an medival guy who was born in the wrong century^^ ) ,guylove(<-medival).girls which smells like dead fish,pussy graves which keep a whole car in it (no problem about fisting her but my cock needs entertaiment too^^


Brother,Sonatine,Old Boy,Crank,Smokin Aces,the godfather,angel heart,lotr,falling down ,fight cluboh right nw hot fuzz and shaun of the dead^^ 


well ,keep me fit heavy weight training ,boxing ,streetfighting,playing shooter and mmos on pc...k lookijng for nude girls on webcams watching porn ,enjoying lifebtw i try to rule the world but some crazy guys with silly clothes on ,who called themselv pussycat-women , BirdMan ,Captain taliban ,the flesh ,wooden man ,Bulk ---these guys still stops me ,so if you meet such an guy ,go kill him ,and maybe you get 1 or 2 country from me ( how about cuba ,do you like it ;) well my friend than you got it ;) 


well right now more metall suff ,like devildriver,sonata arctica,iced earth ,arch enemy ,thinks like that ,from time to time oldskool ,cause that was music ,rap today is just commercial crap (if my 7 old cousine knows more about 50cent and kids rapper like that ,how someone could think about beeing a g,from music such lil kids hear....its like beeing a g on backstreetboys ;) so oldskool4life...and metal4now^^


well terry patchett ,i love the sartire and the real contrast ,from real past to fantasy ;) nice mix,shadowruns cyclus,earth dawn cyclus,oh an i jst read fantasy cause my life is crimefull/sexfull/dramatic and funny enough so no need for realistic novels ;) reader of realicstic novels should give more power to form a real life than reading about it ;)

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